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2018 Sept Finds page

1811 George III milled silver bank token - Eighteenpence

1817 George III milled gold half sovereign


Medieval gilded Fleur de Lis harness pendant

2ndC Roman silver coin - need cooking to remove crust 15thC lead token

Thought this was a Roman buckle but not sure it is - reserching this find

1794 silver seal matrix

Maker CF - Crispin Fuller - registered Dec 1792

London duty paid symbol - date letter small t

1826 Russian lead bale seal 1933 George V millled silver sixpence
1567 - 1570 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver three pence Medieval hammered silver long cross penny
1817 George III milled silver sixpence 17thC lead token  
Victorian silver clasp Crown C Army button ? 1500-1700 mount
Georgian lead tacco jar lid handle Post medieval harness pendant 1500-1650 buckle
1816 George III milled silver sixpence 1841 Victoria milled silver shilling
1857 Victoria milled silver sixpence 1944 George VI milled silver sixpence
1919 George V milled silver shilling Georgian silver button + glass stone

Georgian silver plated seal matrix - needs cleaning to remove crust

Georgian silver initialed spoon handle 19thC livery button 18thC Royal artillery button
1624 Chalres 1st hammered silver penny 1902 Edward VII milled silver florin - 24 pence
19thC livery button 1900's merchant navy button Medieval lead trade weight 1500-1650 buckle

Georgian silver cuff link Victorian Rifle Regiment button

c1790-1810 ​

32nd Regiment of foot button

The 32nd Regt of Foot gained the Cornwall title in 1782. This style had a long period of use by the Regt lasting until 1871 for other ranks and 1881 for officers.

1634 Charles 1st hammered copper rose farthing Medieval buckle
1500-1650 buckle

Copper alloy belt mount. The mount is asymmetrical . The mount has a triangular body, with a collared lozenge shaped terminal at one end, and a circular terminal at the other. The surface is gilded. There are two incomplete integral lugs on the reverse.

Date from: Circa AD 1350
Date to: Circa AD 1499

A small cast copper alloy mount or stud, in the shape of a bird. The mount is a rough oval in shape, being the shape of a bird with wings folded away. The top forms the head, with a sharp beak pointing left; this resembles that of a crow, raven, magpie or other corvid. The decoration is basic, consisting of a crude ‘eye’ and horizontal lines on the body. The mount is convex in section, hollow at the reverse, with the stumps of two studs. This artefact dates to the 13th to 15th centuries.
17thC lead token Medieval buckle Roman mount A Medieval (1250-1450) sheet copper alloy (0.50mm thick) domed quadfoil belt mount

The Standing King series

Charles IV 1322-28 French Jetton

Obv 'king with sceptre standing beneath a gothic canopy'

1247 Henry III hammered silver voided long cross fragment

Rev RIO - Moneyer Henri

17thC hammered copper trade farthin


16thC Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny

2ndC Roman silver coin sent for ID

Mid 4th C Roman copper coin 1500-1700 mount Britstol Fire Brigade

2ndC Roman silver coin sent for ID

1819 Russian lead bale seal Mid 4thC Roman barbarious radiate bronze coin
A Medieval (1250-1450) sheet copper alloy (0.50mm thick) domed sexfoil belt mount Cast copper alloy mount of probable late medieval or post medieval date (1400-1600). The mount is sub-oval in plan and domed in cross section (D-shaped). The front face is convex and undecorated 19thC Victorian Engineers button

1640's Civil War half pound cannon ball - 7.8oz,39mm

Medieval buckle Roman mount 15thC lead token Medieval buckle
18thC clog fastener Medieval mount 1874 Victoria milled silver shilling
1819 George III milled silver sixpence 1836 William IV milled silver four pence

11,000 BC flint scraper

A copper-alloy cast mount. The mount is quatrefoil in shape with a cusp in each angle. The reverse has two attachment lugs.

c 1600-1700

Victorian brooch clasp Georgian mount with glass stones

1412-13 Henry IV hammered gold qtr Nobel- Light coinage - Lis above shield, trefoils beside shield,Lis in centre of reverse.

Obv +hENRIC'DI; GRA;REX ANGL - mm Fleur de Lis


1422- 27 Henry VI hammered silver groat - Annulet issue - Annulets by neck and two sets of oppossing pellets on reverse


Rev VIL LAx CALI SIEx - Calais mint


16thC Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny

1314-17 Edward 1st hammered silver half penny - Type 13a

Obv + EDWA**DVS***A

Rev CIVI/TAS/LON/DON- London mint

18thC Royal Artillery button 1500-1700 mount

1839-1849 87th Regiment of Foot

The Essex Regiment

Post medieval lead bale seal

1855 - 1881 - 96th (Queen's Own Germans) Regiment of Foot

1824 96th Regiment of Foot
raised at Manchester

17thC lead token
1834 Willim IV milled silver sixpence 1925 George V milled silver sixpence

'Eastern uninscribed gold quarter stater of Dubnovellaunos, c 20 BC-AD 10. Van Arsdell VA1660 =BMC 2442.

12mm,1.28g- sent for recording on PAS

17thC Charles II silver button - reported as treasure to musuem

1582 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence - bell mint mark Georgian button

c1800-1820 ​


The 28th became the North Gloucestershire Regt of Foot in 1782.

2ndC Roman fibular brroch

Royal Navy - Officers (Roped Rim) Unlined Background 23mm - 1891-1901 15thC lead token 1816 George III milled silver sixpence
1790 George III gold half guinea gaming token 1584 - 1586 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat - Escallop mint mark
16thC Tudor button 4thC Roman bronze sent for ID
18thC silver clog fastener 15thC lead token Georgian silver button

Large skull and cross bones mount

1796 decorated and initialed 'EL'spoon handle - Maker TW

Thomas Wallis II
(registered Jan 1780)
1930 George V milled silver florin (24 pence) Medieval heraldic enameled harness pendant

Medieval trade weight

850 BC Bronze age socketed axe hean

Medieval gilded bar mount 1697 Charles II milled silver tow pence

Using an ultrasonic cleaner to remove crud stuck to coin

25 BC Celtic gold qtr stater, reported to museum

Dubnovellaunus tribe Celtic gold qtr stater-11.0mm,1.35g

Linear wreath, with opposed crescents; Horse left with branch below and trefoil design above

1794 half penny copper token

1804-1820 79th Regiment of foot button

79 enclosed within strap, crowned with CAMERONIAN VOLUNTEERS above.

An officers example to the 79th who were first the 79th Royal Liverpool Volunteers between 1778-1784, then Cameron Highlanders 1804-73 and Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 1873-1881.

1560 - 1561 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny - Cross Crosslet mint mark Victorian Army belt buckle
Medieval mount 15thC lead token 1500-1700 mount 19thC livery button

1842 Victoria milled gold half sovereign

1279 Edward 1st hammered silver penny


Rev CIVI/TAS/CAN/TOR - Canterbury mint


1247 Henry III hammered silver voided long cross penny - Class 5b


Rev ION/ONC/CAN/TER- Moneyer ION of Canterbury mint

Britain's Merchant Navy
Generic Design Issue
In use 1900 's onwards
Lead Spitfire toy 1946 George VI milled silver sixpence


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