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Competitions, Awards and Prizes


The same awards and prizes are up for grabs again this year + the free forum competition where you can win you a free week detecting tours.

Nova Scotia Greg award for 'dedicated detectorist' of the year

Free weeks holiday and Silver Urn for 'find of the year'winner.

'Prolific coin finder' award and Tankard

Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the 'best attributes' during the season

Forum competition - free weeks detecting prize

'Pouch of the year' - award and cup

Team of the Year award

Prize raffle draws run by a Senior member - free detecting trip

2018/19 Awards

Wis Tim's find of the year is the gold ingot

Find of the year - Monster ancient gold ingot - 81.54g,40.82mm L, 21.05mm W, 10.02mm T - reported a streasure to museum

Wis Tim's find of the year is the above gold ingot

Team of the Year award goes to Ashley's Barn team for the 3rd Year running

Texas Ali wins pouch of the year award

Texas Scott J wins Nova Scotia Greg award for 'dedicated detectorist' of the year

Fl Paul wins Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the 'best attributes' during the season


2018/19 Awards


Nh Frank wins finds find of the year for his Roman gold


Roman gold coin send for ID


Well, even though Roman gold is way out of the orbit in which I normally travel, I see absolutely no reason to question its authenticity. I presume you know this is an aureus of Claudius. It’s obviously clear enough overall that there should be no doubt about the legends, but for the sake of form:
Obv: TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR P laureate head of Claudius right
Rx: CONSTANTIAE AVGVSTI Constantia seated left on curule chair
Mint of Lugdunum, 41/2 AD.
RIC I 2, BMC 1, CBN 19.

My congratulations to all involved – well found!


Nh Frank Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the 'best attributes' during the season

Team of the Year award goes to Ashley's Barn team for the 2nd Year running

Texas Scott J wins pouch of the year award

DC Nick wins Nova Scotia Greg award for 'dedicated detectorist' of the year





Christy wins find of the year for her medieval gold annular brooch

Husband and wife team Dennis and Christy

Spectacular c13thC medieval gold annular brooch
+AMOR VINCIT OMNIA -(Love Conquers All)
2.55g, 18mm dia

The voting is now closed and Christy's stunning annular brooch took the popular vote by 64%, 2nd was Mindy's monster gold coin with 27% of the vote. In 3rd place was MD Scott's Saxon gold shilling.

Monster gold coin find
1351-1352 Edward III gold noble -series C- E in centre of reverse cross - Closed E & C's - Lombardic M - reverse Roman N -annulet stops to reverse
Ref Spink 1483 -JJ North 1144
33.46mm, 7.67g

Saxon gold shilling
This new find (EMC 2016.0248) is indeed a Witmen type gold shilling. It is similar to some coins in the Crondall hoard but from dies not represented in the hoard.
The coin should be about 50-55% gold.
An excellent start to the season.
Best wishes,
Dr Martin Allen

2016/17 'Team of the Year' winners Ashley's Barn tean

Cal George Miskovsky  - Nova Scotia Greg award for 'dedicated detectorist' of the year
Boston Michael – Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the 'best attributes' during the season




Ga Mike wins find of the year for his gold key find

Ashley presents award to Mike

Staggeringly beautiful 16thC Tudor gold key brooch
1.80g, 36mm L

Late medieval or early Tudor decorated gold ball

Huge gold treasure - Each decoratred 'tit' has a black emerald encapsualted in the tip. There is an opening for a needle or mounting point in one place on the item. This is too large to be a pin head - appears to be solid gold but there must be an inner core, possibly silver.

It is 18.55 mm in dia and 6.3g in weight

Miss Brandon wins 'Pouch of the Year'

Iowa Rich wins Coin hunter of the year with 127 coins found in a week



Can Ryan wins find of the year with his Viking gold ring

Alb John on left presents Can Ryan with his silver urn trophy for Find of the Year.

Viking 9th-10thC gold finger ring
2.05g, 10.33mm W

A gold ring of similar, though more ovoid, form from Beachamwell, Norfolk, was reported as Treasure in 2004 (TreasureAnnual Report 2004, no. 86, where further parallels are noted). A narrower version from Whorlton, North Yorkshire, and a fragment of another, both also ingold, were reported in 2012 (2012/T497 – PAS SWYOR-56EA98; and 2012/T62 – PASNMS-D7AC68) and a silver ring of the form from Wood Enderby, Lincolnshire, in2011 (2011/T76; PAS NCL-90DD85). A number of related rings in non-precious metalare recorded on the database of the Portable Antiquities Scheme and for thetype, see J. Graham-Campbell, 2011 (The Cuerdale Hoard and related Viking-Agesilver and gold from Britain and Ireland in the British Museum, London,British Museum Press, 104-106). They date from the late 9th – 10thcentury.


2011/12 Winners

Nev Bill wins find of the year for his Saxon relic


Cleaned up Saxon rope necklace end - single rivet fixing

Beast with large bottom jaw, large nose, recessed eyes with his head resting on his paw left - rear shows curled up spiralled tail.

Rope necklace is still embedded in end


Nev Bill - find of the year

Luisiana Sal - Wayne Otto Memorial cup

Bav Terry - 'Prolific coin finder' award and Tankard

Fl Don - free weeks hunt for forum comp win



Chicago Ron wins the Wayne Otto award

I have considered this club award long and hard this year as it is the detectorist with the 'best attributes' during the season. It is not about just coming here and swinging a coil but do you go above and beyond the 'norm' to promote the club and the hobby of metal detecting. Apart from Ron being a world class hunter all the work he does away from the club, especially taking great effort returning lost class rings and valuable diamond wedding bands back to their original owners is priceless. Added to that he takes all the time and effort to record all these finds and events on video and entertain us on the forum is brilliant. The final item Ron did this season is his brilliant Nat Geo program which again promoted the hobby and the history of the finds made. A well deserved win.






Ill Mark wins 'find of the year' and also 'pouch of the year'

Find of the year - Roman gold



The voting was very close this season for 'pouch of the year' with Tenn Brad and Ill Mark only separated by 2 votes in the end , Chicago Ron got 3rd place. 10 pouches were voted for so it was no landslide this year but in the end it was Mark's triple gold pouch, Celtic gold, Elizabeth gold crown and the clincher had to be his mint Roman gold coin find and the Saxon sceat helped. Currently Mark's Roman gold is with Spink auction house so the proceeds can be split between farmer and finder.

So what a season for Mark, he did the double with 'find of the year' and now 'pouch of the year' as voted for by the membership

Can Ryan has won the 'coin hunter of the year' award with a total of 85 coins in the week. His pouch included his 2nd Edward III hammered gold Nobel coin and 7 silvers so a great result. He also managed to beat a whole team of fellow Canadian's during that week with the best finds. Ottawa Greg made a really neat shield with an embedded gold coin as the award.

Ryan last season holding his 'Canadian hunter' shield he also won by beating his fellow Canadian team



Bavaria Jeff wins the club's 2011 'dedicated detectorist ' cup for being out there in all weathers, pouring rain on rough ploughed he found his first gold coin while everyone else was hiding in the bus. that is dedication

Cal Jim wins the club's 2011 'best attributes' cup




Ill John wins find of the year for his Saxon gold coin

Saxon Merovingian tremissis of the 7th century


Ill John

1st Ill John's gold Tremmis - 28% of the vote

2nd Idaho Orv's Roman bronze hog -18.5% of the vote

3rd Oregon Ed's 1300BC gold ring - 17% of the vote


2010 Nova Scotia Greg award for 'dedicated detectorist' of the year - winner Chicago Ron

2010 Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the 'best attributes' during the season - winner Min Mindy

2010 Atlanta Mike wins coin hunter of the year for the 2nd year running with a score of 96 coins in a week

A new award this season is for the 'pouch of the year' , engraved cup and shield. This is not about the sheer bulk of a bag but historical, quality and rarity of the finds.

There were so many stunning pouches this season but the one that really sticks out in my mind is Oregon Ed's monster. Crisp Saxon silver, Celtic gold and the monster 1300 BC gold ring. The rest of his pouch was stuffed full of other really hammered silver and relics.




Nova Scotia Greg award for 'dedicated detectorist of the year' - winner Min Mindy


Free weeks holiday, Silver Urn for 'find of the year' winner Tenn Brad

'Prolific coin finder' award and Tankard - winner Atlanta Mike

Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the best attributes during the season - winner Billericay Mark (2nd year running)

Forum competition - milled silver guess - free weeks detecting - winner Idaho Ken

History Heathen quiz - pub quiz for members - 1/2 price trip to the winner - winner Ark Gary



Louisiana Sal wins find fo the year for Saxon gold coin

Idaho Gerry presents Sal with his engraved 'find of the year' silver urn and shield for his amazing English Saxon coin discovery from last season.


Billericay Mark - Wayne Otto Memorial cup

Idaho Jim - forum competition

Billericay Mark - Wayne Otto Memorial cup

Ls Sal - Find of the year

Florida Mitch (left) being presented his award by Chicago Ron

Fl Mitch - 'coin hunter' of the year

Awards and Prizes for season 2007/2008

The win a 'free weeks holiday' forum comp was won by 'Idaho Jim' with a guess of 334 hammered silver coins found, actually number in the end was 335 which is an amazing total. Keep an eye on the site as I will be launching next years competition shortly. It will be to guess the number of milled silver coin found in the season 2008/2009 and the prize will be a free weeks inclusive holiday again.

Billericay Mark has been awarded the 'Wayne Otto Memorial cup' for the detectorist with the best attributes during the season. A very popular vote for a guy that cannot do enough for the other members with help, advice and the patience of a saint, congrats mate.

The 'prolific coin hunter' award will be announced after all the export contents have been processed and counted.


The same awards and prizes are up for grabs again this year + free forum competition can win you a free weeks detecting tour

Free weeks holiday, Silver Urn for 'find of the year'winner.

'Prolific coin finder' award and Tankard

Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the best attributes during the season



Awards for Sept 2006/April 2007

Orlando Rolo wins 'coin hunter of the year'

His count included some very choice pieces like that stunning 1689 William and Mary silver three pence. Rolo gets his name on the shield of honour next to another previous Florida winner Daytona Steve. Congrat's to Rolo's for a lot of hard work and dedication he put in during his hunt. The Florida team are back in force again in Sept to try and keep the title

Congrats to Ohio Tony who wins the Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the best attributes during the season. Tony has ears like bat for finding silver hammered coins and he hand reared Yngve the Swede with great results as on Yngve's second trip this season he found 5 hammered silver coins.


Free weeks holiday & engraved silver silver Urn - voted by the guys hunting here as 'find of the year' in April. Won by NH Dave for his medieval Iconic gold ring find

'Prolific coin finder' award and Tankard - guy with the highest coin count for a week

Orlando Rolo

Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the best attributes during the season

Won by Ohio Tony


Free forumcompetition to win an ancient hammered gold coin



April 2006 Winners of this years awards


Cal Jeff - wins find of the year 2005/6 for his brilliant Roman bronze winged Phallus pendant. Voted for my all the members. Jeff wins the free weeks holiday and is back in Sept 2006 to collect his prize that also includes the engraved silver Roman looking urn



This years new Wayne Otto memorial trophy goes to Tenn Earl for showing all the attributes that goes up to make a great detectorist. Always positive even when his X girlfriend drags him off the fields screaming to visit cloths shops LOL. Always the gent even where he is getting skunked and the guys around him are sucking up the good stuff. Earl spends time researching the history of the sites we hunt and is also well respected by all the members that joined him at this years Virginia hunt. Congrats Earl on a well deserved win.


Texas Dave won the 'Prolific coin finder' award and Tankard - guy with the highest coin count for a week


Up for grabs again this year Sept 2005/ April 2006

Free weeks holiday, Silver Urn for 'find of the year',

'Prolific coin finder' award and Tankard





Wayne Otto Memorial cup for the detectorist with the best attributes during the season

Free forum/club competition to win an ancient gold coin

Click here for more details of how to enter


9th Sept 2005 Forum competition winner

'Berkeley Bottle Boy' of the California Forum run by Cal Jeff won the Roman gold coin up for grabs for the closest guess in the forum competition. His guess of 2pm on the 8th was his birthday LOL.



4thC Roman gold ring with green stone

Unique ID: ESS-E2A327

Object type certainty: Certain
Workflow status: Awaiting validation Find waiting to be validated

Complete but damaged and distorted, late 4th century Roman gold filigree finger ring. The hoop and shoulders are formed from beaded and twisted wires on a narrow backing plate. The shoulders are decorated with spirals with small gold globules at their centres and clusters between. There are six spirals on one shoulder (in two vertical rows of three) and five on the other (in two vertical rows, one of three and the other of two, presumably missing the third spiral). A collar in the form of a twisted rope design surrounds the round bezel setting. The bezel setting contains a round, domed green glass fitting, badly cracked. The ring has an internal diameter of 200mm by 4mm (distorted) and weighs 4.35g. A similar example can be seen in Johns and Potter, 1983, The Thetford Treasure: Roman Jewelry and silver.


This object ws reported and declared treasure under the stipulations of the Treasure Act 1996. It was subsequently acquired by Colchester Museums.

Subsequent actions

Current location of find: Acquired by Colchester Museums

Treasure details

Treasure case tracking number: 2004T356


Broad period: ROMAN
Subperiod from: Late
Period from: ROMAN [scope notes | view all attributed records]
Date from: Circa AD 350
Date to: Circa AD 400








11th April 2005 Boston Bill's Roman gold 4thC ring wins find of the year - Doug in SJ from the California Forum run by Cal Jeff and Dan wins the gold coins from the Forum competition having made the closest guess.

Boston Bill's superb find wins him 'find of the year' by a landslide vote from the club members. The ring has been officially declared treasure after an inquest at Colchester Coroners court. It is currently awaiting the outcome of the valuation committees finding.

Bill is pictured on the right next to Manhattan Gary.

Daytona Steve won the coin hunter of the year award, the English Pewter tankard



Mass Bruce's axe head hoard


Rod bags the 'prolific coin hunter' award for season 2003/2004

It's official, Canadian Rod clinched the title 'prolific coin hunter record this season with a massive score of 92 coins in just over 6 days, including 13 silver ones . Rod has been presented with the winners tankard and his name will be entered next to last years winner Vancouver Brent on the shield.

Find of the Year award - win a free weeks hunting holiday


The BIG prize goes to the 'find of the year' winner. This is judged by all those detecting on the land of their 'favourite' find during the season Sept to April. Each guy gets one vote and cannot vote for any finds they made ( you would all end up with one vote !!) . The find with the most votes wins the top prize. Obviously anyone including myself associated in any way with Colchestertreasurehunting cannot win.

The winner gets his name etched on a second shield which is kept here . Their prize is one weeks inclusive detecting holiday totally free. They also get one of these very smart Roman looking jug/urn etched to commemorate their find and posted to them.( I would like one of these myself as it is really heavy!)




A bit of fun and healthy competition to this seasons hunts is the introduction of some awards and prizes to be won.


The shields are back from the engravers and Vancouver Brent's name is immortalised as the winner of the 2002/2003 prolific coin hunter. I have chosen this English Pewter tankard as the prize for the top coin hunter.
'Best find'
'Prolific Coin finder'
Prolific coin hunter award

Last year we had an unofficial ongoing tally of the guy that found the most coins in any one weeks detecting period. It started as a bit of fun and become more competitive as a guy realised he might take the title with only a day to go. Texas Mike held it for quite a while with 53 and it was closely ran event during the season until Vancouver Brent nipped the title from Canadian Rod with 64 coins. Boston Bud got excited and said look 'I have won, I have found 101 coins ' sorry Budd it is 64 coins per week not two weeks !!!

So to honour this achievement I have commissioned a large shield for the years most prolific coin finder. The first years winner is Brent Axleson who's name is being etched on the role of honour which will be kept here. The winner picks one of the three very smart polished English pewter tankards which I will have engraved and sent to him to remember his achievement.

Canadian Rod picked up this years award with an amazing 92 coins on the last hunt of the season. The bulk of the coins found are normally 1600 to 1900's coppers, very really few modern coins are found on these fields.

The 2004/2005 season cup is now up for grabs !