New web site launched

    Check out our new modern web site. .com (under consruction) that is now running in tandem with the old one.

    The new site combines the useful functionality of the old finds database site with the daily finds updates from the website.

    The biggest improvement on the site is you can easily search and locate any find that's in the database. So far I've done around 2/3 of the 2016 finds and ALL finds on the original site from Spring 2016 hunt onwards will be added to the new site - Chris is currently adding new finds from the fall hunt to both sites.

    To see the daily finds on the new site visit:
    As you can see it's in a similar format to the existing site but with dates, folders to group finds together and comments - help with Ids, ask questions, whatever, check it out and let me know what you think. Click on the title for any find to open the find on it's own page with any extra details. ATM you have to click back in your browser to return to the finds page.

    Under the other entries in the Finds Index drop down menus you can view coins and artefacts in categories, I can pretty much set up a page for any special interest area, check out what's there and let me know what you'd like added and we'll consider it.

    The Search works pretty well, try a few searches. Like on Google you can surround your search with quotes, e.g.
    "James 1st" will only show James I finds - a search without quotes will show anything with James OR 1st in it, so it's really useful to use quotes to find exactly what you're looking for.

    I haven't copied many of the content pages across from site because it's either outdated or because Google would see it as duplicate content which is a bad thing for both sites. We'll build out new content - check out what's there and let us know what you'd like and we'll see what we can do.

    There are a few bugs we're aware off and some loose ends to tie up but it's mostly working OK. We want the site to be both useful and of interest to you all so don't be shy...


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