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  1. Oregon Stuart
    When are you heading back to Colchester? We have a couple more trips coming up in September 2013 and March 2014.
  2. ColoradoBob
    Hi Stuart,

    Give me a shout some time! I just stumbled upon one of your posts and at first wondered is this Oregon Stuart the same Stuart we know. Had no idea you had joined the Colchester club! We'll have to share stories about our trips sometime. I was a newbie there in Sep. for 2 weeks, though 6 of us from the PPAL went a month after 9/11 for the first time to Biggleswade with JW. I guess with you now, that makes at least 4 of us current or former members of our PPAL who are members here.

    If you're ever over near Jacksonville, drop Oregon Ed a line. I'm sure he'd love to go hunting!

    So sorry for you guys about was such a shock for those of us with the PPAL who knew her and enjoyed some outings in the past. Dorothy compiled some pics from past hunts / outings and added them to our club PPT show we run at the Xmas get together.

    FYI, exactly one month ago Dorothy lost her youngest bro. It was sudden and unexpected.

    Take care...and keep on swingin'

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