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  1. Oregon Stuart
    Hey Sal,
    Just checking in to see if I can take up one of the Octber 8th 1 week slots. Let me know.

    Oregon Stuart
  2. LouisianaSal
    Maybe so. I'll look into it bud.
  3. Oregon Stuart
    Hey Sal. I bought the swingy thingy from you and thanks to airport security (I am guessing) lost the small velcro with the hook that goes around the detector shaft and hooks to the cord. Is there any way of ordering 2 or three extras?
  4. LouisianaSal
    hey bud. give me a shout when you're ready. I can take care of you as a club member. 804.381.9354.
  5. Oregon Stuart
    As soon as we finish refinancing the house, I want to move ahead with getting the new Minelab CTX 3030. What kind of deal are you floating on getting one of them.
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