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  1. Seattle Brian
    Getting ready for a trip back east in april. It's not England but it gets me finding stuff older than I can find here in the Pacific Northwest. If you are itching to get out, Check out BONE 28, 20-25 april in Keene NH. Me and a few friend go in a few days early and have a guy who puts us on old fields and houses for $50 a day. Found a 1800 large cent last time and a trashed Washington Inauguration button. Always room for more.
  2. TexasTom
    Yes sir! How are you and the family?
  3. Seattle Brian
    H a p p y n e w y e a r T o m , y o u s t a y i n g w a r m ?
  4. TexasTom
    Hello Brian Just wanted to say Happy New Year! Tom
  5. TexasTom
    Happy New Year Brian!
  6. Seattle Brian
    Are you interested in the Hotel option for Oct 2019?

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