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  1. ChicagoRon
    Did you do cal rich's pouch he has the nicest roman bronze ive ever seen.
  2. ChicagoRon
    If your still up give me a call
  3. ChicagoRon
    Did you contact Dr martin. Just curious if he has responded. Or did you hold off.
  4. ChicagoRon
    Morning mate

    Just got my letter for treasure 2019 T1147 the letter does not say what it is it the marriage button or the clothing fastener.
    Last week I got the letter for 2019 T1141 also doesn't say what the item is

    Also I got Sal Guttusso's letter for 2019 T 1146 with my address on it
  5. ChicagoRon
    Chris give me a call wll you. 773-320-7569
  6. ChicagoRon
    one of the New York Mikes is Mike Cogan from my barn, I think he is LI mike on the forum
  7. ChicagoRon
    Dale just called me. The celtic bronze is his and he wondered about the zoomorphic strapend.
  8. ChicagoRon
    Chris Ill mark would like to get back on the forum. I told him he has to post at least 1 time per month or he will be culled. Please check that he is able to log in.
    He should be Illmark password brokenceltic
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