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  1. CtTodd
    I think that you're misunderstanding your position here. You ARE the tour guide. Yes they are killing it at Meresa. Did you say your UK phone was from Vodafone? I'm looking at phones some point today. EE company looks good to
  2. MissJeff
    Hey you might want to try Mersea LOL Holy cow the goods are out of this world. wish I were your tour guide good luck mate
  3. CtTodd
    The trip was fine just Business. I am going to run the new unit I just can't seem to get out lately. Work and family first. I am on a lot of sites but the place I call home is New Hampshire Metal Detecting Forum. The reason is mostly that its a very good group of people and I've been in it from the start.It's like the Cheers Bar to me, Everyone knows me there. I have been watching the Colchester Forum almost every day. I hope there's some new land like that when we get there in March.I find it painful to read about it, but totally into it. I wonder If I should have booked for the fall instead and with Mindy or Sal instead of full board. We will see how it goes this year and adjust as needed.I'm very pleased to speak with you at any point about the hunt and your hunt coming up.
    Very best
  4. MissJeff
    How was your trip to Co. They are finding some awesome goodies in Colchester!! Could you send me the web site you are on besides the CTX You might want to spend some time running your new machine they have a batch of bad coils out there.
    hh jeff
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