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  1. WisTim
    Hey Jeff
    Can you recommend a good Roman coin book? Which one(s) do you have, if any? I hear your the Roman coin guy lol. I figured you'd have a good idea.
  2. WisTim
    Well thank you for the welcoming Jeff!
    I'll be making my first trip to the UK the 21st of February through March 3rd 2018. (I believe those are the dates)
    A detecting buddy WisJeff and I are going. This is Jeff's retirement gift to himself! But he wanted to do it with someone who he knows, and he asked me if I'd come along. So... here we go! We'll be in MinnesotaMindy's group.
    As for my avatar, thanks! That's a colonial cellar hole site I hunted this past spring out in Connecticut.
    Looked great! But wasn't too kind to me as far as finds go.
  3. MissJeff
    Welcome to the "club" Tim! Love your pic for your avatar, looks like a killer relic site. Who's group are you going with to Colchester? Hope you enjoy your trip. Feel free to chat if you have any ? or just want discuss detecting period.
    HH Missouri Jeff
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