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  1. LouisianaSal
    I checked bud and you are marked as Paid and good to go. thx -sal
  2. CtTodd
    Hey Sal,
    CTTodd here. Have you not received my payment for the 2 tickets ? My name on your ticket page isn't marked paid. I sent a money order weeks ago for this. Just want to be sure you got my money.
  3. LouisianaSal
    Muck boots for the wet times and merrill lightweights for the dry times - whatever you get just make sure they do not have metal shanks or steel toes
  4. CtTodd
    Hi Sal
    CTTodd here again with a question. What do you wear on your feet when your there? Rubber boots every day or two different shoes depending on the field. Working on things here. Company names and models if you have them. No rush and thank you for your help.
    Thank you
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