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  1. FlRob
    Hi Denny. Just wondering if you obtained a V3i yet? I love mine and was wondering how you like it? Keep in touch....Rob
  2. FlRob
    Hey Denny. I've heard that is a great coil and of course the MXT is a great detector so you will do good. ArkGary uses the MXT and I think he is up to 100 gold coins now. lol. I know a lot of people are using the Etrack and I've seen several using the Fisher so I think either one will be a great additional machine. Also looking forward to the April hunt with you guys. I'm half Canadian so hopefully you guys will let me find some stuff too. My dad was born in Milton. See you in exactly 6 weeks!............Rob
  3. OntarioDenny
    Hi Rob,
    Looks like we will be at Birch barn same week April9-18 ? I now have a 14" accelerator coil Detech for the MXT which I will be taking and maybe my F75(or E trak) not totally decided .Looking forward to it a lot.
  4. OntarioDenny
    Thanks a lot Rob for that info .I tried to order the 15 in SEF from Kellyco but they are out of stock on the V3 series .I Have another possibilty for a used one .
  5. FlRob,1315298

    Denny, Here are some posts that might help you with your coil decision. I was asking for coil selection help back in October on the White's forum and thought you might want to read some of the input.......FloridaRob
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