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Ok If I'm going write a blog I may as well try to make it informative. If thats possable.LOL
When detecting in England (plowed fields) I have allways been of the opinion that extra depth for coin sized items is not that important. It is more important to use a machine you are comfortable with.
Those deep big targets (plowparts mosty) will be detectable by most of the better machines. The question is. WILL YOU DIG IT? That loud target that reads 6" and you dig 12 and don't hit it. Do you cover it a dismiss it as a plow part? Perhaps thats why we have not found any pots. I know digging plow parts SUCKS! But undisturbed pots will be below the plow line, 16 to 18 inches on most fields.
I know some machines historicaly have done better than others. Whites MXT is the top gold machine, Minelab Explorer is very good at small hammies. And recently it seems that the Fisher F75 has started to show it colors.
I will be bringing my Minelab Explorer SE and a new Whites MXT I just purchased . I am still learning the SE as I have only had it for two years. The MXT I have been using for 12 years, and it is the machine I know best.
No matter what machine you currently have, knowing your machine is half the battle. The other important aspect is target recovery. It has been mentioned many times on the forum. The more noble metal targets you get out of the ground in your time in Colchester the better you chance for a keeper, Or perhaps a MONSTER!
Good Hunting
Chicago Ron
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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiganChris
    I also have an MXT. Have you tried the SEF coils? I haven't yet and am still using the Super 12.
    No Chris I haven't tried the SEF coils. I have the 10X14 DD, the 6X9 DD thr 5.3 bullseye and the 950 concentric coil.