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Last time I talked about machines, which machine you use doesn't really matter(as long as it can detect the targets your looking for). Most machines will detect Full gold staters down to 5 or 6", quarter staters and small or cut hammies only a couple inches so coil to the deck!
I have had a lot of luck with the Whites MXT, it is a set and go machine. What it lacks in depth is more than made up for in small target recovery and pinpointing. The MXT has a 0 to 100 target range for non-ferious targets, most readings above +1 are noble metal targets (aluminum foil, tin, lead, gold, brass,bronze,copper or silver) The exception to this is hotrocks on the surface sometimes give good signals. I hunt in Relic mode, 2 tones, low grunt for iron and hi for non-ferious targets.(I don't sell machines so i don't really care what you use LOL)
Chris has been talking up my recovery rate for years and most of that can be contributed to love of the game and short attention span. The first thing is what to dig... Know what your machine is telling you. Dig every good, repeatable signal.
2nd is time per target.... When I get a good repeatable signal, I don't walk all the way around it like I do in the parks, If its a good signal, dig it! I see people spending 2 or 3 minutes desiding weather or not to dig it. In the 2 minutes it took them to deside to dig I have already moved to another target and possably recovered it.
pinpointing...I know a lot of people spend a lot of time pinpointing the exact location of the target. We're not probing with a screwdriver. X the target and push in the shovel. dig until the target is out of the hole. Then sweep the pile with the coil (general location of the target) spread the pile with your foot, resweep the spread out pile, you may be able to see it. if not spread the pile more. Try to avoid getting on your knees at all cost, stoop or bend at the waist to retrieve your target.
On a well producing field like the abby it not uncommon for me to dig 100 to 200 targets in a half day session. getting the target out of the ground and into your pouch is the key. pinpointers are most handy for muddy days or very small targets.
The other thing I see alot (and I don't know if it is pride or what) is people who will dig 30 targets in a morning useing the same machine I'm useing, when I dug 125, and they don't bother to ask me what I'm doing that they aren't. If I see someone getting more targets than me, i want to know what they're doing! Can I improve my skill? ALLWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!
One last thing. If you dig a target and it dissapears, take more dirt out of the hole, mostlikely the target was near the surface and when you removed the dirt it fell into the hole out of detection range. Or it may be on edge now meaning it won't give a repeatable signal. Small hammies and 1/4 staters have a way of dissapearing sometimes when you get them out of the hole. Chris told me he almost gave up of His Morini because he couldn't find it.
Well that my 2 cents worth, take from it what you will.
please post any other opinions or tips. I am allways ready to learn a new trick!
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    Great write up mate