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I have my first Colchester hunt coming up the end of March. Yesterday I got out with the local club. After 4 hours of detecting I had dug 125 targets which evidently falls pretty much in line with what may happen there. My advice today to all newbies heading for Colchester---- Get out everyday and detect or exercise bending etc. Today I am SORE which is something I have no desire to be on day two in Colchester. Besides- you could find something cool like the huge Peace Corps class ring I found. EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE.
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  1. CalJim -
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    Hi Stuart!

    You are spot on with the need to be in shape. Ever since my first visit to Colchester, I have heard Alaska George (original member and serious pro) saying that exercising before the hunt is key. Col. Chris himself says that he has observed that the leanest and fittest guys do best (ie. Chicago Ron and Ill Mark)

    However, although I am not in bad shape, I do have to say that the excitement and thrill of this hunt will carry your body a lot further than normal. In fact, I don't think I have ever felt fatigue, as I am always so focused on digging as many targets as I can to get to the next hammy or awesome relic. This amount of history excites me to no end.

    Everyone should do their best to be in shape. But don't be surprised if you can hunt long days without a problem if you keep your mind focused on the incredible opportunity you have at hand.

    Cheers and Best Wishes for your upcoming trip!
    Cal Jim