Hunts start a day early as interlopers turn up LOL - 29th kick off

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Man you guys are seriously addicted . Both Alb John and Can Ed are already doing the 3 first weeks this season and not content with a full 21 days they are arriving early on Friday morning gagging to get straight onto the fields in the afternoon. I suggested they go to the British Museum but they nearly had convulsions so I took pity on them and now they will be out there on the 29th by mid day. We all know where John and Ed will pick if the field is ploughed and rolled, RF's seniors Saxon silver field. John has been on a mission the last few years to find a Saxon gold sceat on what has been a monster Saxon silver area. John is the clubs top Saxon silver sceat finder and has 5 of the little puppies. Ed while keeping John company also popped that mint Edward hammy noble gold near JF's house, there will be real tears and sobbing if it is in stubble still on Friday

Hey, how do I get in on a day early? I'll be arriving at Heathrow at 5:55 am On Friday. I'd rather be hunting than sitting in a hotel!
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