New Coiltek 14x9 on the way!

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Coiltek Manufacturing…ROCKS!

About two weeks ago a few of my detecting buddies and I were thinking of a few new places to hit, one of them said that his aunt owns a lot of farm land, and there is a swimming hole on there that they have pictures going back to the 30’s of people having small parties and just having fun swimming, the land has been in her family prior to the 30’s and to her knowledge no one has ever detected around it or in it. The best part is that the pond is only about waist deep.

I really wanted to go, but I opted out. I was worried, I seem to have shit house luck sometimes, and I was worried that if I took my CTX to the swimming hole, something dumb would happen and it would break/fry from getting water in it. Although I take great care of my CTX and I change the O rings yearly, and what not, I am not a water hunter I have had it in the water 2 times I think, never submerged.

So, with my upcoming trip (Sept.8th 2018) I just did not want to take a chance. If something did happen It is over 3 years old and out of warranty. Also, I doubt I would have it back in time for my trip from wherever it is I would have to send it. As for a backup I have a AT Pro, but that is going to be used by my wife when we are in England, so no backup.

I thought I was in the clear, but last week I went out detecting and my CTX started to scream, the Target Icon was bouncing all over (mostly staying in the left of the 13/14 CO line, and every now and then hitting to the right of it. I have hit this area before, no overhead wires, or under the ground wires, no big towers putting out EMI, nothing but flat grass land.

So, I conducted a few Nosie Cancels…nothing, I tried turning on/off the machine…nothing, check my coil cover…nothing between the cover and coil all clean, disconnected/reconnected the coil…nothing. I looked over the wire and did not see any cracks and nothing noted (damage wise) on the coil. I did a factory reboot and nope nothing. The machine was still going crazy.

At this point I packed up and drove an hour home, the whole way I was feeling sick to my stomach. So many thoughts…was it my coil, is it my machine, why did not bring my standard coil with me to test. Normally I have my CTX standard and my Minelab 6 with me along with extra headphone, etc. but on this day, nothing.

I got home, and turned on the machine, and still all messed up. I removed the Coiltek 14x9 and put on my Minelab 6-inch that I had next to me and BANG the machine was back to its normal state, put the Coiltek back on and once again it was like a rock concert going on.

This was a big relief, although it sucks that I had a bad/faulty coil only after having it for a year and two months I mean this is an expensive coil $395, I will take that over needing a new machine any day.

I took videos of my machine with the Coiltek on it and what was going on, and a video with the Minelab 6 to show how it was back to normal, so they could see the 14x9 was faulty. I posted a question to their FB page and within a day they contacted me. I sent them the videos via email they provided me, and then shortly after then emailed me back telling me to send my coil to American Detector Distributors out of Texas.

I asked about the turnaround time, with my 14x9 out of commission I only had the Standard coil, which I know is good and will work great in Colchester, but my only back up, if something happened would be my minilab 6 inch, and well it would be long days swinging the 6 inch and not covering a lot of ground.

They told me they are producing more coils, and I can expect my new coil to be shipped out on July 25th, as long as my faulty coil makes it to Texas before then.

So depending on how long it takes for shipping from Australia to Michigan I should have a new 14X9 in plenty of time for my September departure to the UK. You can sure as hell bet that I will be brining all my coils with me when I head over there.

I have never had to deal with any manufacture before (detecting wise) and this was a great experience and they were FAST getting back with me (given the time difference of 11 hours ahead of me).
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  1. WisTim -
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    Better that it went bad now rather than while your on a trip of a lifetime. Definitely bring along a spare coil if you have one. You never know. It's better to bring it back unused rather than need it and don't have it.