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Thread: Barn raffle 4 ! Get your tickets now.

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    Barn raffle 4 ! Get your tickets now.

    Barn Raffle #4 Tickets on sale now!
    Tickets are 20.00 U.S. each.
    Winner will be drawn at either the October 2010 England hunt or as soon as all tickets are sold. The drawing will be video taped and posted on the Colchester and MHRS websites.
    Winner is entitled to 1 week at the barn at any future hunt I have an opening for in 2012 or 2013. Prize includes all hunt fees and food. excludes airfare and dining out .
    Prize value is 1,700.00 and 2,000.00 U.S.
    I have printed 100 tickets
    Information needed:
    Phone #:___________________________
    Number of tickets ________

    Tickets will be available to Colchester members, MHRS members and friends.
    Please post here how many tickets you would like and e-mail me the info at rpg61@msn.com

    If you would like to send check or moneyorder please e-mail me for the address

    Good Luck All!

    List or received payments and ticket numbers issued

    Gary hoffman#1,2-------------------------------------------pd
    Minn Mindy #3,4,5,6,7--------------------------------------pd
    Tim Rushing#8,9,10,11,12--------------------------------pd
    Pheonix Reid # 13,14,15-------------------------------pending
    Rich Porter #16,17------------------------------------------pd
    Penn Christy #18,19,20,21,22----------------------------pd
    VC Dan # 23,24,25,26,27----------------------------------pd
    Ont Jim # 28,29,30,31,32----------------------------------pd
    Jim Evans #33,34-------------------------------------------pd
    Lohn Labedski #35,36,37,---------------------------------pd
    Ray Majeski #38,39----------------------------------------pd
    John labedski#40,41,42----------------------------------pd
    Joe labedski#43,44----------------------------------------pd
    Bob Misk # 45,46,47,48,49------------------------------pd
    NS Andy #50,51,52 ------------------------------------pd
    Marty Prear# 53,54,55---------------------------------pending
    Rich Porter #56----------------------------------------pd
    Bavarian Terry #57,58,59------------------------------pd
    ILL Mike # 60,61---------------------------------------pd
    Tenn mark # 62,63,64,65,66---------------------------pd
    Jeff Lutz # 12,69----------------------------------------pd
    Iowa Dale # 68,70--------------------------------------pd

    List updated 10/30/2010
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    Hello Ron

    Please put me down for three tickets for the draw.

    email sent


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    I'd like a ticket if any are left.

    Dave Anderson

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