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Typical hunt format - what happens when you get here


I have produced this typical hunt format page so you have some idea of what to expect when you arrive here, remember this is your holiday not mine. My job is to supply you somewhere comfortable to rest your weary head, feed you lots of tasty home cooked food and get you on the fields until your arm drops off. Detecting times, eating times are flexible to suit the needs of the hunters.The more hours you are swinging the better the odds !! An average week gets you 70 + hours of detecting. Hard core teams do 100 + hours of detecting a week.

The format below is a typical full board experience - if you are on a Self Catering team then the Barn leader has thier own mini bus and you come and go as you please. Most Barn teams do a night hunt if the weather is good. If you don't fancy it then put your feet up by the TV.

Some guys have mailed me voicing fears that it might be like other tours they have been on, it is definitely not the case, no sheep herding is practiced here. YOU ARE NOT HERDED TO ONE SMALL FIELD EACH DAY THAT MAGICALLY PRODUCES 100'S OF ROMAN COINS EACH week. YOU PICK THE FIELDS THAT YOU FANCY from a choice of over 500 available.

Read the format below and judge for yourself

On the day of arrival you are picked up at the airport and usually arrive here before lunchtime.

I have made the pick up times at the airport early so we get nearly a full days detecting in on the first day.

The essential kit is quickly unpacked (detector) and then off to the fields. If you are hungry them we grab a quick sandwich and a drink. If guys are hunting here for the first time then this is the only day I pick a series of fields for the afternoons hunt as you are all champing at the bit to get started and guys don't want the grand tour then.It is a multiple site so you get the choice of a dozen or so fields to pick from all around you. Senior members know the hotspots from previous years and where they want to go so you can also follow them on the first day.

The first day we pack it in around 6 'o clock (later if you are still fit ) to give you chance to come back, have food and unpack properly this time. The evening meal on the first evening is generally some quick and simple like a traditional take away fish and chips, pie and chips etc. from the local village 'chippy', some guys are too jet lagged to eat so no food is pre prepared.

The first morning we generally have breakfast and start about 8 to 8.30 with a quick tour of all the fields so you can look at your choices.

I tell you the history, what was found where and when (a good idea is a small notepad to write the fields that you get 'vibes about') without this reminder it all gets very confusing as there are LOT of fields. All the fields have been given names so we can remember them and talk about them.

You then decide which fields you want to hit. You can all go on different sites or all on the same, the choice is completely yours. You point me in the direction you want to go and I take you there.

Lunch is 1 o'clock . We always have hot food out in the field, soup, pasties, hot dogs with fried onions, 1/4 pounders etc prepared fresh each day, depending on the weather and any special requests.

After lunch you decide whether to stay where you are or move on to another set of fields.

Most locations are multi fields anyway i.e. you have a choice of 6 to 20 or so fields right next to each other so after an hour on one field you can move onto another.

It has been known for us to hit 6 fields in a morning when we are feeling restless !!

We usually decide the evening finish time at lunchtime, whatever time we decide on whether it is 6 or 8 0'clock allows for the evening meal to be ready when we finish. Most guys are completely dead by 6 o'clock !! Hard core guy go on to 10pm.

Evenings are spent eating, cleaning and trying to identify the finds, time for bed and then it starts all over again.

It is no good asking me each morning what field to go on, I am generally crap at it, when I tell a guy this field has given me nothing and sucks within an hour he is holding a Celtic gold stater. I say this field next to an old church must have hammered silver on it we get skunked, so I have learnt my lesson. I have found the it is best to follow a 'newbie' like Alaskan Todd who could sniff out a gold coin at 10 miles. Arkansas Gary followed him and got his Celtic gold.

This holiday is not to be confused with other tours as it is you that decides where you go, not me. I am just your driver LOL. If you want to be on your own in the middle of a 800 acre site then go for it, if you want company when out detecting then stick together. Don't feel obliged to follow others as they might be leading you to a detectorists graveyard !!

Some guys have asked me that I must know where to go, the simple answer is no because if I did then I would already be on there LOL. With a choice of over 500 + fields is it just luck and the fact you walked over it ! Mass Bruce found his axe head hoard because he went for a s**t under the only tree on a 100 acre field in the middle of no where LOL. It would have been the last field I would have picked LOL

Remember that you can go on as many of the 500 or so fields available during your tour or spend the whole week on just one.The choice is yours !!

With over 500 fields the average guy goes on about 20 during the week if he moved fast leaving over 280 untouched. With the vastness of the land it is just luck if you turned left your right at the right time. WE HAVE FIELDS THAT NO MEMBER HAS EVER WALKED ON YET

I have a set of walkie talkies so we can communicate with each other and let each other know, especially on new fields, how the finds are going or if someone has found a hotspot.


If you want to ask any questions about any part of the hunting here from a USA guy that has been on all the UK tours then drop Senior Member Mass Bruce an e-mail or Ark Gary who has been here over 25 times since we started