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Victorians 1837 - 1900
Lead lion face
Victorian lead lion face decoration(f)
Decorated ink well cover ?
19thC butterfly brooch with pin intact
19thC spinning top
19thC Bone handled pen knife
Interesting pendant no idea of date yet
London hallmarked trade weight
19thC Brooch with ruby and diamond looking stones
19th Frog box lid
Complete 19thC barrel tap
19thC Jewelry
Exciting heavily decorated and enamelled bronze find, probably Victorian
Bust of Lenin ? Real nice artefact
Large butterfly, probably Victorian
19thC bird decoration
Bronze signet ring with shield design
19thC candle snuffer
Victorian commemorative medal
Heraldic shield 'Chedder' horse decoration
Solid silver handle, no hallmarks
This was a green ring and now cleaned reveals the word 'TRUE' inscribed on it on the inside. A poor mans posy ring probably brass. I will get the museum to take a look at the picture to see if they can date it or give further info
Solid silver butterfly
League of the IV Commandment loyalty medal that cleaned up really nice. North Peckham is in south London
Elizabethan silver locket and Victorian silver ring
19thC solid silver hallmarked thimble (b)
Beautiful ornate, silver inlay metal pot pieces found by Texas Kenny - Middle Eastern
Victoria 50th jubelie medal 1887
19thC Harness decoration
Prince Albert's head
Early lead toy soldier - look like US civil war !