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2009 Feb finds page

Incomplete harness strap distributor (probably a bridle cheek piece) of the late Anglo-Saxon to early Norman period

ROMAN (Certain) to ROMAN (Certain), Circa 75 AD - Circa 200 AD bottom part of the same type of enameled brooch below found earlier in the season

ROMAN (Certain) to ROMAN (Certain), Circa 75 AD - Circa 200 AD

Object Type: Head stud Brooch
Help Incomplete copper alloy ‘Roman ‘head stud’ brooch. What survives is the upper part only. The wings are semi-cylindrical, short and one wing is truncated. The spring fixing lug is broken, the spring and pin are entirely missing. A small worn knop to the top of the brooch is probably the remains of a chain loop fitting. On the head of the brooch is a worn, raised stud formed of two concentric circles. This may once have been enamelled, though no traces survive. On the surviving portion of the bow are two vertically placed recessed squares, the upper contains red enamel, the lower is empty. These squares presumably continued down the bow. The lower half of the brooch is missing, along with the catchplate. No original surface survives. Exposed surfaces are mid and light green. The broken edges, though not fresh, are not well worn, suggesting damaged occurred in the more recent past. The width of the wings is 20.48mm, the bow is 10.78wide, the brooch is 28.95mm long and weighs 10.68g. Brooches of this type date from about AD 75 to AD 200. Examples can be seein in Hattatt, 1987, Brooches of antiquity, page 123, figure 41.

1st/2ndC Roman bronze sent for ID 29.47mm, 15.03g

3rd/4th C Roman bronze sent for ID 26.44m, 4.89g

Roman bronze key

Venetian Soldino hammered silver coin 0.26g,12.08mm

Rev: LAVS TIBI SOLI (Thee Alone be Praised). Haloed figure of Christ holding a cross.

Obv: LE LAV DVX S M V (Leonardo Lauredan, Doge. St Mark of Venice.) Doge kneeling before Saint Mark.

Roman statue base fragment ?
2oz Victorian trade weight
1942 George VI milled silver sixpence (159)



16thC mount with 2 integral lugs
17thC mount with looped supsension ring
Medieval ear wax double ended scraper
Reaserching this stud
Medieval spur fragment
15th C lead token - Type 2
17thC button
Large 17thC baldric buckle
16thC mount with 2 integral lugs
Belgium 2 centimes
20thC Continental silver watch back - 92.5% silver
Huge 1797 George III cartwheel penny
Medieval lead pot mend
William III silver sixpence fragment (160)
1940 George VI milled silver shilling (12 pence) (161)
1936 George VImilled silver florin (24 pence) (162)
1922 George VImilled silver florin (24 pence) (163)
1696 William III milled copper farthing
1753 George II copper farthing
1795 pattern Royal Artillery concave one pices button

One piece Navy button



Honi soit qui mal y pense (Old French: shame upon him who thinks evil of it)

RN - Packet Service
( Mail & Supplies Delivery )

Firmin & Co

1158- 1180 Henry II Tealby cross and crosslets hammered silver cut qtr penny
Stunning 1649 Commonwealth hammered silver penny
17th hammered coper trade farthing - Daniel Walker of Woodbridge Suffolk - Grocer
1653 hammered coper trade farthing - Jeremy Erds of Manningtree Essex
Medieval book clasp
1550-1650 buckle
1550-1650 buckle

Tiny 1307 Edward II hammered silver farthing (1/4 pence) Type 28 - 12.44mm, 0.29g


Rev CIVI/TAS/LON/DON - London mint

2- 1674 Charles II milled copper farthings

RN Capt / Commander - 1825
RN Lieutenant - 1825
RN Midshipman - 1825
In use 1825 - 1827


Backmark - Turner & Sons

16thC Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence
Interesting shield mount with red enameled raised circle design - Post medieval
Georgian watch winder


17thC mount with 2 integral lugs
Medieval hooked mount with single rivet fixing
Silver corner protector - Birmingham hallmark 96% silver - date letter for 1900
16th/17thC button
Roman silver coin fragment - 'cooking' it to remove 'hornsilver' crust
Medieval spur fragment

Very interesting hammered silver penny - 17.36mm, 1.06g

1341 AD Edward III florin type CIVI/TAS/DVN/ELN - Durham mint - note the crozier to one limb of cross in inset (after ELN)


Interesting small foreign silver coin with a copper tinge 16.71mm,0.42g - need to check World coin book


Medieval spur fragment
Essex Reg cap badge
Lead mount
1550-1650 buckle
4thC Roman bronze

1920 George VI milled silver sixpence

Silver count (165) +1

Saxon wrist band with punched circle design - 63.87mm W x 4.92mm T
Antonio Venier (1382-1400) AD hammered Soldino silver Venetian coin

1399- 1413 Henry IV hammered silver penny - quartrefoil with pellet at the centre of reverse cross -16.82mm, 0.88g


Rev CIVI/TAS/EBO/RAC - York mint

Saxon gilded and decorated hanger
Medieval spur fragment
1634 Charles 1st hammered copper rose farthing
Not sure what this is ?
2 - 17thC hook mounts with 2 rivet fixings
Georgian watch winder
Medieval decorated book clasp
17thC mount with 2 integral lugs
Medieval mount with 2 integral lugs
Stunning 17thC decorated hooked sword hanger
Roman military buckle with integral chape
17th C lock plate
1614 James 1st hammered silver half groat
C10th C Saxon harness strap distributer

French police


Back mark


23 M Paris

WWII Royal airforce button
19thC livery button - raised hand
WWII USA Royal marines button
Peruvian lead bale seal
Georgian pastry jigger wheel
Antonio Venier (1382-1400) AD hammered Soldino silver Venetian coin
1634 Charles 1st hammered copper rose farthing

1461 - 1483 Edward IV Irish coin hammered silver penny - note the two Rosettes by neck on Obverse which is only on the irish Edward IV's. Still researching this coin in the Irish books as it not one I have ever seen before or a legend I know, great find.


Rv ***/DER ???


17thC mount with 2 integral lugs
1483 Richard III hammered silver long cross penny
19thC livery button
1550-1650 buckle
Curious button with raised cross design - could be late medieval


16th C Tudor period necklace glass bead
Interesting rod that I thought initially was a key - not sure of it's use. It is possible that it is a different type of latch key.
1880's pattern Prussian Army button
20thC Girl Guides badge

1586 Hans Krauwincel II Rose orb Jeton


1550-1650 buckle
Navy badge
County Borough of newport tramways button
Elephant charm
1550-1650 buckle
Georgian buckle
Post medieval lead cloth seal
Small cross pendant with punched design - possibly Saxon
Roman knife pommel
1634 Charles 1st hammered copper rose farthing
20thC slot machine token
15thC lead token - long cross and pellet Type 2
Great condition 1778 George III copper penny
Georgian buckle
Georgian Button overstamped 'DENTS' ?
Interesting pot fot - probably Georgian
Small Romano/British bronze bead
18thC crotal bell
Romano/British widget - we have found another one currently under investigation at Colchester museum
Georgian watch winder
17thC duck head S buckle fragment - pewter

Great find, early Napoleonic lead statue mount -found on a French Napoleonic POW site - 74mm H

The hat shows the symbol of a fusiliers


16th C Tudor decorated knife handle - 83.7mm L

WWII Royal Marines button
16th/17thC button
1696 William III milled silver sixpence (166)
1696 William III milled silver sixpence (167)
Medieval silver long cross penny in the 'cooker' to remove the horn silver crust
16th C Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence
RN Capt / Commander - 1812
Coldstream Guards

Officer - 1855
Medieval decorated strap guide - 2 rivet fixing 32.91mm L x 17.46 mm W
Corporation button
1550-1650 buckle
1836 William IIII milled silver four pence (168)

Probably one of the smallest hammered silver coins you can find, 1/3rd the weight of a Medieval silver farthing

1625-42 Charles 1st hammered silver half penny - Rose each side - no legend type

0.17g, 9.5mm

Annia Galeria Faustina, more familiarly referred to as Faustina the Elder (Latin: Faustina Major; born September 21 about 100, died 141), was a Roman Empress and wife of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius.

Sent off for ID

1670 's Charles II milled silver four pence - undated type (169)
1928 George V milled silver sixpence (170)
Georgian pastry jigger wheel
15thC thimble
Royal Navy - Officers (Roped Rim) Lined Background 17.5mm 1843-1891
Post medieval bale seal

1341 AD Edward III florin type CIVI/TAS/DVN/ELM - Durham mint - note the crozier to one limb of cross (after ELM)


1272 Edward Ist hammered silver penny class 9b

Rev VILLA/****/NDI - Bury St Edmonds mint

1272 Edward 1st hammered silver penny

Obv EDW ******HYB

Rev CIVI/TAS *****

2nd C Roman plate brooch - 27.39mm H x 21.16mm W
Medieval beehive thimble
George II trade weight - Crown G cipher
1704 Queen Anne trade weight
Looks like a medieval barrel lock part - still working on it
1860 Victorian copper farthing in great shape
18thC lead sewing palm guard
Medieval pot foot
1787 Dutch lead bale seal
George III copper in great shape
Georgian lead tobacco jar lid handle
17thC mount with 2 integral lugs
1628 Charles 1st hammered silver sixpence - Anchor mintmark - Group E

Honi soit qui mal y pense (Old French: shame upon him who thinks evil of it)



Medieval badges Ref Mitchiner p244 939 - 941


'A badge for a Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre in bronze and dating somewhere around C13/14th possibly very slightly later . This is a very scarce item and it relates to The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem being a Catholic chivalric order of Knighthood that traces its roots to Godfrey of Bouillon, principal leader of the First Crusade. According to reliable sources in the Vatican and Jerusalem, it began in historical reality as a mixed clerical and lay confraternity (association) of pilgrims which gradually grew around the most central of the Christian holy places in the Middle East, the Holy Sepulchre or the tomb of Jesus Christ.This would have been a pin for a member of the order , there is a mark on the reverse where the original pin would have been fixed

18thC toy flintlock pistol

1819 George III milled silver sixpence (171)
Georgian seal matrix
1578 Dutch low countries Antwerp hand coin weight - Cornelis Jansen 1564- 1604 - 4.98g, 15.37mm sq
Medieval bronze open topped thimble (a)21.89mm dia, 6.59g


16thC copper alloy open topped thimble (b)1.75g,17.8mm dia
4thC Roman bronze coin sent off for ID 17.04mm, 1.28g
1681 Charles II milled silver groat (4 pence) (172)
1593 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver six pence - Tun mintmark 6th issue
1634-5 Charles 1st hammered silver half groat - Tower mint under Charles 1st - Bell mintmark - Type 3a1, no inner circles

Royal fusiliers button ? Not checked books yet

Back mark Best Quality S

Roman decorated dagger quillion fragment - petal design 38.34 mm dia
18thC Swedish copper coin ? not checked ref books yet
1818 George III milled silver forgery
1250 - 1500 buckle
1500 -1650 buckle
1572 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny - Ermine mint mark 4th issue
1697 William III milled silver sixpence (173)
1728 George II milled silver sixpence (174)
1649 Commonwealth hammered silver half groat - S shaped love token
1582-3 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat
1946 George VI milled silver sixpence (175)
Tiny 1625 Charles 1st hammered silver half penny - rose both sides, no legend type - 10.19mm, 0.32g
1594-6 Elizabeth hammered silver half groat 6th issue - Woolpack mintmark
1931 George V milled silver sixpence (176)
'That's a denarius of Trajan - predecessor of Hadrian (who built a wall up your way - you might have heard of it...) - under whose reign from 98-117 AD. the Roman Empire attained its largest size (briefly, before Hadrian gave Parthia back to the Parthians).
The reverse reads 'S.P.Q.R. OPTIMO PRINCIPI" - a standard reverse legend paired with dozens of reverse types.  This one seems to be Mars advancing right.  This series dates to about 107 AD. and the obverse legend in its entirety most likely reads IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS V P P.' Mark
19.2mm, 2.36g
1921 George V milled silver three pence (177)
1929 George V milled silver shilling(12 pence) (178)
17thC William III milled silver 6 pence (179)
RN Capt / Commander - 1812
1942 George VI milled silver sixpence (180)
Corporation button
18thC Harsp and clasp parts of a clog fastener
Interesting Roman widget - no idea of it's use yet
Very interesting twisted brooch - Lombaric style lettering suggests Medieval period
Roman bronze sent for ID - 2.03g, 17.8mm
Roman bronze sent for ID 1.30g, 16.34mm
4thC Roman buckle - very unusual type with central iron mounting - seperate bar for attachment of belt 34.81mm L x 30.76mm
Georgian watch winder with cupid design
3rd C Roman broze coin sent for ID

1377-1399 Richard II hammered silver cut 1/4 penny

Obv CIVI/TAS/DVN/OLM - Durham mint

0.37mm ,8.81mm

1341 Edward III ahmmered silver penny - Cross 3 - Florin type


Rev CIVI/TAS/LON/DON - London mint



17thC mount with 2 integral lugs


Medieval Boy Bishop lead token

Obv Long cross and pellet

Rev Bishop mitre

Medieval decorated knife quillion - iron tang remains
17thC mount with 2 integral lugs
1919 George V milled silver sixpence (181)
Georgian harness mount
Victorian lion head mount - 2 integral lugs
Georgian hinge
18thC Royal artillery button
Napoleonic Navy button ?
Georgian bell clapper

Stunning 13thC personal lead seal matric with complete supsension loop - 32.33mm dia, 24.84g



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