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Metal detecting finds - display cases

Especially good for artefacts and buttons

NOTE: The guy thats sells these trays web site is being revamped so it is not available at the moment


These are displayed on the large J type cases

A couple of the guys brought over these USA style finds cases for me and they are a superb and cheap way of displaying metal detecting finds. I could not find them anywhere in the UK and rang the USA company direct to see if they would ship them. They already had a guy over here that imports them so I just ordered up a bunch from his site. The great thing about these cases is they come in a large range of sizes to suit what it is you want to display and five different depths 2 inches, 1.5 ,1.25, 1 inch and 3/4 inch. They have a glass front so they don't scratch easily. Click on the link and go to Item 2 Standard cases. The site also has a huge range of other cases, coin trays, aluminium ones etc. I particularly like the lockable wooden one which I also ordered to try out. Display Cases.

The pictures below are the ones I just received and I have started laying out my finds on them.You can order up a special button backing to the case which I have got and it works a treat as the shanks go through the cut outs.

The stands work really well and they can be wall mounted. The larger black cases are secured by 4 long pins.The wooden case is very swish and extremely well made. You either compress the find in the foam or you can cut out the shape of the find with a sharp hobby knife. Click on any of the pictures to go to the site that sells them.

I would recommend the deeper case 2" for larger items like crotal bells and fibula brooches. The thin ones work really well with buttons, coins etc.

I just received a set of the differnet colours of the velvet type backings so I can pick my theme.



These cup type cases are perfect for large milled silvers like Crowns and Half Crowns





Different thickness 2 inches, 1.5 ,1.25, 1 inch and 3/4 inch and pin fixing to secure case - really clean finish and the inert infill does not react with your find in any way. You can put in a huge variety of finds per case. The picture above is of the medium sized case like the one shown below with the red infill.

Huge range of sizes and 'fillers' - red infill is slotted to take account of the shank on buttons

Sectioned filler

Standard J-Mount Display Case, with extra depth.
JiC Co.™ J-Mount Display Cases are cardboard with a black pebble grained leatherette covering.

Price: from £6.00

Button inset - glass lid on the J Mount type is secured by 4 pins to keep finds in place

Standard J-Mount Display Case, with medium depth.
JiC Co.™ J-Mount Display Cases are cardboard with a black pebble grained leatherette covering.

Price: from £7.00


Standard J-Mount Display Case, with shallow depth.
JiC Co.™ J-Mount Display Cases are cardboard with a black pebble grained leatherette covering.

Price: from £3.25

With stand - great way to display your finds

Nice detail on case - oak version


Wood Display Case
Solid Wood Display Case with a foam lining under a flat glass cover, secured with brass hinges and lockable hasp.

Price: from £28.00


The backing used in this case is a red dense foam - as you close the case the buttons compress nicely into the foam. If you have deep finds then you can use a sharp hobby knife to cut out the shape.

I have ordered up the full range of infills and backings to try out.

Drop me a mail if you want help on what to order

Oak Case with blue colour infill


Lucite Cup Cases and Standard J-Mount cases


Oak case with Claret colour infill