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Video page - Member's own videos of detecting here

Sal has posted his latest video on the members forum. Also check out more great video of Sal hunting here and in the USA


More great member's video from Chicago Ron are posted on his own site


Rons latest video of his teams trip in Oct 2010 just posted


Ron's Oct 2010 vid  


Latest video's of Ron's ream March 2010 hunt

Part 2

Part 3

Two new videos produced by Chicago Ron


Going through a mornings pouch

Interesting vidoeo taken by Chicago Ron of a typical mornings finds

Ron's compellation video of his teams best finds

Ron's compellation video of his teams best finds


Medieval gold statue find


Script reads FRCO ++SMYUNC +DEI

32.80mm H ,11.46g

Brad's Video just after he dug it


The medieval gold statue is currently with the British Museum being evaulated and the initial feedback is it is a very significant find.

Louisiana Sal's - 2nd finds from the fields in England video -

I have finally managed to condense Sal's 85 hours worth of video he took with his 'hat cam' while out hunting. It is still a large video at 90 minutes as he captured nearly all his good finds from the first shovel full to his reaction when he saw what it was. It also includes Canadian Gord's reaction that evening after he had found his Celtic gold and Idaho Gerry presenting Sal with the 'find of the year' award for his English Saxon gold find from last season. Click this link to Download the video which is 155 Meg in size.


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Louisiana Sal's - finds from the fields in England video - 45 minute long - Includes Sal digging an English Saxon gold - Also check out the dozens of other great Relic digging video's on Sal own site

English Saxon Thrysmas gold coin - Crondall types c620 -650 AD named after the hoard found in 1828.

'Witmen type'


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Chicago Ron's trip - Features the Barn house and detecting

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I have been detecting since 1983, I started with a radio shack microna 2001 after losing my high school ring at El Toro air base in California. Never found my ring but have made many wonderful discoveries since. Was hooked after only the first week, finding my first walking liberty half dollar. Soon upgraded to a Whites 5000di increasing the quantity and quality of my finds. Returned to Chicago in 1985 and hunted off and on over the next 12 years. In 1997 after getting a job with the Chicago fire dept. I started hunting in earnest again. In 1999 discovered the joy of water hunting I use a Whites surfmaster II in the water. I use a Whites MXT on land and recently bought a Minelab Explorer SE.

In June of 1999 I joined the Midwest Historical Research Society the local detecting club and was elected president in 2002. We currently have about 90 members.

I have been going to England twice a year near since 2005.



'New land sucks' video

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I took a couple of snapshots from the 'New land sucks' video I uploaded which does not show how cold and festering the day was. We got to the new site and the wind was howling and it was biting cold, I sat in the bus with the heater running as it was truly horrible out there !!. There were half a dozen fields in wheat but the rain made it a total boot sticker. Guys were just finding greenies and trash and were ready to have an early lunch at 11am. NH Dave, one of our most dedicated hunters, even came back to the truck and asked me to hand him a rope as it just sucked his brains out. We were all munching the chow when Oregon Clarence, who was the last to come in, walked up and said I found a hammered silver coin. Expecting an Elizabeth or Charles, Clarence opened up his little plastic finds box, ***** hell Saxon !! The farmer was with us and he said is that good ? Is that good, find of a lifetime and although black you could see the full detail showing through. After sending it off to the Fitzwilliam museum it turns out to be a rare Saxon 1050 AD Edward the Confessor penny that won 3rd place in our find of the year vote. Just goes to show that one swing of the coin makes all the difference to how we view a site.


1050- 1053 Saxon - Edward the Confessor hammered silver penny - expanding cross type - heavy coinage


Rev (Wulfsige) ON GIPESWIC (Short cross voided with expanding limbs) - IPSWICH MINT (GIPESWIC)

EMC 2008.0136.

1.63g, 19.87mm

'I have recorded it as EMC 2008.0136.

The portrait with two toggles on the mantle certainly differs from the types illustrated in North, but these illustrations were drawn in the the early 1960s to show the main types only. There are many variants, and the three other coins of this type, mint (Ipswich) and moneyer
(Wulfsige) in EMC/SCBI also have this portrait variant. I can send images of the coin to Gareth Williams, who is compiling a die study of the Expanding Cross type, and pass on his comments.'

'This is extremely interesting. It is very promising.

Gareth Williams has commented that the Ipswich coin 'seems to be from the same dies as one of our [British Museum] coins (1950,6-5, 1) and the same variation in the design is also found on two different obverses of Bruninc of Ipswich. However, it isn't a purely local variation, as the same bust appears on selected coins of Colchester, Gloucester and London, and a related variation at Dover, although these represent the minority of dies from the mint in each


Uploaded 2 types of vid of Ron's Vicky find

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Reid gold guinea find

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