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Cutlery - Knives forks and spoons

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1784 Initialled and decorated silver spoon - maker CH - London

Charles Hougham London


Mid 18thC silver spoon with Lion hall mark and maker LT
Roman gilded fruit spoon - note the latch for hanging it on the side of the bowl
19thC silver sugar spoon - no hallmarks

London hallmark 1937 silver spoon

15thC knop ended silver spoon - declared treasure by disclaimed and returned to finder
Georgian decorated cutlery handle
Roman bronze knife handle pommel
Medieval knife chape
15thC knife/ dagger guard(r)
15thC knife/ dagger guard(r)
Roman animal knife handle

George III silver spoon - Chester 1812
Monogrammed old Sheffield plate spoon handle - maker WH&S - Hutton W 1849
Diamond knop 15thC silver spoon handle - Reported to museum and declared treasure
18thC Solid silver spoon
Silver spoon handle hallmarked London 1807

'Eating implements, until the end of the 17th century, consisted of a knife and a spoon only: the fork, despite being in use in some Continental countries and not unknown in Britain, was not yet in general use. Furthermore, one’s knife and spoon were personal possessions, in the sense that one carried them and used them when dining at other houses, as they were not supplied at table by the host. It follows that the material from which one’s spoon was made would be an indicator of one’s social and financial status.'



Brass seal top spoon

Stuart, around 1650

A brass spoon with a seal top end and fleur de lys stamped on the bowl.

In the 17th century people carried their own personal eating utensils as well as writing instruments. Most letters and documents at the time were sealed with wax,
and so spoons were often manufactured with the owner's seal on the end of the handle.

PAS lists these spoon handles as EARLY POST MEDIEVAL (Certain), Circa 1500 AD - Circa 1599 AD

The designs of the silver examples I found indicate a date range from Elizabeth 1st to Charles 1st


James 1st seal top spoon

18thC silver spoon handle
  Georgian silver spoon