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Medieval period 1066 - 1485

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Stunning c 13thC Medieval engraved gold ring reported as treasure to the museum

1.23g, 19.50mm dia

1247 -1272 Henry III hammered silver voided long cross penny - Class Vb

WIL/L(M/ONC(/ANT Canterbury mint - Moneyer WIL/LEM


1208/9 King John hammered silver penny Class 6a2


Rev +WALTE(R ON LV- Walter London

1.43g, 18.64mm (239)


Medieval bronze bucket handle mount 84.33g, 28.39mm W,32.16 L x 23.84mm T

Medieval Iconic gold decorated ring - 2.96g, 18.87mm dia, 3,34mm w x 1.46mm thick

Stunning condition Gold Ryal brass single sided coin weight

1204/5 AD King John hammered silver short cross Class 5 - 1.07g, 19.15mm

1.78g, 20.39mm

Henry hammered silver half groat (2 pence)

Medieval bronze open top thimble

What an amazing find - Early Medieval harness pendant with rampant lions and cross banding design in blue and white enamel work

This appears to be the arms of the Earl of Hereford 14thC - 30.13 mm L x 22.31 mm W

Humphrey De Bohun
Earl of Hereford
Earl of Essex
Earl of Northampton
Born 25th March 1342
Died 16th January 1373, probably at Pleshey, Essex

Medieval enameled harness mount

Huge Medieval bronze Beehive thimble

It weights 22.64g and is 27.7mm in diameter and 29.1 mm long !!!!

Medieval enameled gold and red harness shield pendant. 45.53mm L 28.70mm w

'Found more on De Clare-- seems there was a Gilbert "The Red" (red haired) de Clare & son of Richard-- was one of the Earls of Gloucstershire (7th , I think) and had a whole bunch of other lands in 20 counties in Eng and Ireland. Joined the Montfort rebellion against the king. Married a jaon (Johanna) daughter of Edward II Longshanks , she was born in Acre - the site in the holy land where the Crusaders / Templar's lost it all . He was born in 1243'.

Superb tiny 14thC Venitian Soldino hammered silver coin 0.27g, 12.02mm
ID'd by the British Museum as a late medieval hat badge

Medieval gold ring
1390 - 1420 AD Medieval decorated buckle with integral box chape
Huge Medieval spur rowell
15thC bronze seal ring 4.22g- 25mm dia
Stunning condition 13th to 15thC seal matrix


C 1300 - 1400 Stunning cast copper alloy decorated single looped buckle with projecting recurved spurs and buckle plate with rivet fixings
Anonymous: letter I early 15thC. An initial with crown above, branches at the side, was a design that became incrreasingly common in the 15thC and was often used on a signet ring as below. The letter suggests it stood for the owners forename. This example was used in 1424 by Edward Saddler, clerk

1413-22 Henry V hammered silver halfpenny - Type 10 - inital mark roundabout - Annulet to left:trefoil right by hair


Rev CIVI/TAS/LON/DON - London mint

12.83mm, 045g

C1300 Solid silver medieval vessica seal 62.1g, 21.96mm L x 18.81mm x 5.51mm W (excluding hanger)


1351-2 Edward III hammered silver groat (2 pence)

Series C Mintmark Cross1

Rev CIVI/TAS/LON/DON - London mint

1.96g, 21.78mm, 0.60mm T

Medieval bronze child's ring

1050- 1053 Saxon - Edward the Confessor hammered silver penny - expanding cross type - heavy coinage ?


Rev PULSIE ON GIPESWIC (Short cross voided with expanding limbs) - IPSWICH MINT (GIPESWIC)

Sent off to Fitzwilliam Museum and ID for class type and recording

1.63g, 19.87mm

Medieval annular buckle

13th to 15thC English Medieval silver ring brooch - inscribed with a heart and RU - reported to museum as treasure

1.76g, 27.45mm dia

Fourth coinage 1356-61 Edward III hammered gold 1/4 Noble Type C Annulet stops 1.96g, 20.36mm

Obv shield quartered with the arms of England and France within a treassure of eight arches - EDWARD GRA REX :ANG. . HY Cross 3(4 )


Annulet stops

Edward III 1351 third issue hammerd gold 1/2 Noble

'Your coin of Edward III is a half noble of the Pre-Treaty coinage, with a Series C obverse and a Series A reverse. There are many 'mules' of this kind in the Pre-Treaty coinage, and this one can probably be dated to 1351. I can see why you thought that this might be a coin of the third period, which has lettering that is fairly similar to Series A lettering.'

Medieval Copper alloy pouring bowl
Late Medieval to early Tudor period type B1* purse bar complete with swivelling suspension loop.