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Saxon silver sceat hoard 2019-20

18 coins so far - disclaimed by the British musuem and returned to the finders

A sceat (Old English: [ʃæɑ̯t], pl. sceattas) was a small, thick silver coin minted in England, Frisia and Jutland during the Anglo-Saxon period.

Primary Saxon silver sceat hoard 600- 700 AD - current count 18

Currently with British Museum curator but the coins have been officially disclaimed and returning to finders

Anglo Saxon England (597 - 687)
The coming of St. Augustine, triumph of Rome-oriented Christianity, Saxon control of island, rise of Mercia, Offa's Dyke.

Anglo Saxon England (688 - 801)
Rise of Wessex, King Ine establishes his law, Venerable Bede, Viking invasions.
Anglo Saxon England (802 - 898)
Triumph of Egbert, development of Wessex dynasty, Viking wars, Alfred the Great, St. Swithun, Peace of Wedmore, the Danelaw.

Anglo Saxon England (899 - 977)
Athelstan, St. Dunstan, growth of monasteries, more Viking wars, Battle of Brunanburh
Anglo Saxon England (978 - 1066)
Aethelred the Unready, Danegeld, Danes gain English crown, Edward the Confessor, rise of the Godwins, Westminster Abbey, Harold and William at Hastings.


Hoard coin -1


Hoard coin - 2

1.16g, 11.73mm

Hoard coin - 3


Hoard coin - 4

1.25g, 12.06mm

Hoard coin - 5


Hoard coin - 6


Hoard coin - 7


Hoard coin - 8


Hoard coin - 9


Hoard coin - 10

1.39g, 12.17mm

Hoard coin - 11


Hoard coin - 12


Hoard coin - 13


Hoard coin - 14


Hoard coin - 15


Hoard coin - 16

1.04g, 12.66mm

Hoard coin - 17


Hoard coin - 18






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