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New 2003 Nov Finds Page
1641 Gold Posey Ring-The inscription reads 'Prepared be to follow me IK 1641 6t 67' with the markers mark BW (r)
My oldest coin find 27AD silver Divus Argusta - other side is soaking trying to remove the crud (b)

French copper- alloy Jetton 1380AD Obv Shield of France bearing three feur de lys

Rev trefoil x 4 Ottery St Mary (r)

AD 50 Colchester type T shape dolphin brooch (c)
Early bell clapper(c)
1851 Victorian silver sixpence(b)
1327 AD Edward 1st hammered silver half groat(c)
Decorated piece with some silver inlay remaining - not sure of date but feels Elizabethan 1500's ?(c)
17thC decorated clog fastener(c)
1796 Token or Dutch low countries coin(c)
1735 George II halfpenny in nice condition(c)
17thC Silver 'Griffin button makers of London'(c)
69th Regiment of foot officers button(b)
Not particularly old but a real nice pot fragment with flower design
18thC child's lead wiz toy(r)
19thC Pewter flower design button(r)
18thC Decorated clog fastener(r)
Lots of nice early spindle worts
1154AD Henry II hammered silver short cross penny(m)
1711 Rare Queen Ann silver sixpence love token(b)
1837 Belgium coin(f)
1942 silver sixpence
Early bell clapper(f)
Early book clasp
1st to 4thC Roman grot (b)
Medieval papal badge(b)
Another Medieval papal badge (earlier face)(f)
Victorian lead lion face decoration(f)
Huge lion paw probably medieval bronze pot leg(r)
Lead knife handle possibly Roman(r)
1800 George III 1/2 guinea forgery(b)
Military badge(f)
Cavalry button(f)
Huge 1800's harness decoration(b)
Another Medieval looking pot leg(r)
Roman cart fitting 1st to 4th C (r)
1696 William III milled silver sixpence
Neat find - Essex police badge(b)
Early one piece military button(b)
Early looking pin(b)
1154AD Henry II shortcross hammered silver half penny
Early looking book clasp
Silver long shank Tudor button(b)
Early looking bronze fishy object(r)
My new set of wheels !(d)
1625 Charles 1st hammered silver penny(b)
17thC Spur(d)
Spur not in books(d)
Spur swivel(d)
German army lead soldier(b)
Tudor looking lock plate(r)
The Angelsey Mine Company Token 1788(b)
17thC thimble(r)
17thC buckle(r)
William 3rd 1696 silver sixpence(b)
William 3rd 1696 silver sixpence(b)
Tudor period button
1818 Huge 'Success to the Cornish Miners' Penny(b)
1736 George III farthing(c)
17thC chest key(f)
Lead weight with shield and crest mark, not in books(c)
1645 Antwerp hand coin weight(b)
Tiny flintlock pistol toy. probably 18thC(c)
1700's George II silver shilling(r)
17thC trade token(b)
2 crotal and one decorated cow bells of the same field - date range 16th to 18thC(r)
18thC decorated bronze ring(b)
15thC star lead token(r)
19thC solid silver hallmarked thimble (b)
Late Medieval lead seal(r)
Roman 1st to 4thC lead dice(b)
Tudor period spur buckle(d)
Septimius Severus 193-214 AD Denarius debased silver (b)
Probably Tudor period belt clasp, could be earlier(r)
Mint condition 1570 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver three pence(b)
Looks like a Ferdinand of Spain 1455 hammered silver reale(b)
1884 Victorian silver shilling(d)
1327 AD Edward 1st longcross hammered silver penny(c)
1500's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat(b)
1797 huge cartwheel penny over stamped DB(b)
Mirror handle, probably not that old(r)
Tudor rose lead seal(r)
GD monogrammed button(d)
Arkansas six shooter !! (r)
Lead with a head like Queen Anne (r)
Sack seal with crown design (r)
Tiny 1553 AD Mary hammered silver penny (b)
17thC trade token(d)
No 10, could be regiment insignia (r)
Some sort of brooch, no idea of date(d)
Bronze shield harness decoration(d)
Early looking belt decoration(r)
Sack seal with initials CM(d)
Elizabethan purse bar (part) (r)
Bronze Rider on horse, no idea of date(r)
Probably 20thC inlayed brooch(d)
Queen Anne 1707 (Edinburgh mint) milled silver sixpence (d)
Interesting looking widget !(r)
Cut glass Victorian brooch(r)
Bronze implement no idea of use(r)
18thC bronze thimble(r)
1350 AD Medieval beehive thimble (r)
Another interesting piece(d)

18thC Musket stock plate (r)

Reads 'Sgt WP - 6 - No 72

18thC Copper Token(d)
Double sided gilded shell, not that old(r)
1754 Trade Token (d)
Large Medieval pot leg (r)
19thC pastry jigger(r)
19thC gilded horse head livery button(r)
19thC Monogrammed button with crown(r)
Huge lead weight with Medieval long cross style impress
1928 George V milled silver sixpence(r)
19thC crested livery button(r)
Medieval long cross lead token(r)
Large Roman 1st to 4th C 'grot' of new land (r)
Light Dragoon guards button(r)
18thC pewter button with wave design(r) No idea what this is ! (r)
Interesting piece, no idea yet what it is (r)
Large hanging lead weight(r)
Medieval pot leg(r)
1625 Charles 1st hammered silver shilling (c)
1625 Charles 1st hammered silver penny (b)
1921 silver milled sixpence (b)
Monogrammed plate(b)
Royal Army Medical Corp (c)
Really nice 1860 Victorian penny (b)
33rd Regiment of Foot(b)
19thC button with crown and shield(b)
3 Medieval lead long cross tokens (c)
William sixpence over stamped rw (c)
1575 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence(d)
Medieval jetton(c)
1625 Charles 1st hammered silver half groat ( 2 pence)(c)
1528 Henry VIII hammered silver(c)
1817 George III silver shilling(c)
1737 George II milled silver one pence(c)
Solid silver 18th C Tudor rose cuff links(c)
Ormond Cycling club badge(c)
Trade weight(c)
1840 Victorian milled silver groat (4 pence)
Territorial rifles button(c)
19thC Gilded bull livery button(c)
18thC silver thimble(r)
Not pretty but an important find, Roman coin used as a Saxon pendant on new land (r)
William IIII 1822 Halfpenny (r)

Really nice condition 1750 George II copper half penny


19thC harness decoration
Large egg shaped lead weight with iron hanger, possible Roman steel yeard weight (r)