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  • Feb 2004 Finds Page
    99th regiment of foot button (r)
    4thC Constantine II AD 335-337 Roman bronze(r)
    Early decorated crotal bell, crushed but still rings !! (r)
    Probably Georgian casket lock plate (r)
    Early piece, almost looks like a Saxon brooch fragment (r)
    Gilded and enamelled piece, looks like an animal perched on it- no idea what it is (r)
    1570 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence (r)

    The coin appears to be a Merovingian tremissis of the moneyer Gundobodes of Tidiriciacum, identified by Prou as Trizay-sur-Lezay, in the arrondissement of Fontenay (Vendee). The obverse reads [T]IDIRICIACO and the reverse reads +GVNDOBODE. The coin is broadly similar to two coins of the same moneyer illustrated by Belfort, although there are minor differences in the designs. I would hesitate to give too precise a date, but it's probably earlyish 7thC

    Phillip and Mary hammered silver groat 1554-58 (r)
    Lead alloy post Medieval token, ob animal,rev two comjoined circles
    WWII Civil defence button
    Probably Georgian clock key(b)
    Large 19thC harness decoration with urn motif
    Box made from a circular disc with numbers all the way around inside ?
    17thcC button
    1720's silver buckle
    1500's Elizabethan purse bar (m)
    Fob seal top
    1782 Russian bag seal(m)
    Circules decorated piece, not sure what it was use for but around 17thC with that pattern
    Cherub with wings button with latin inscription
    Cloth seal
    Small thin silver implement(r)
    Post medieval strap end with traces of guilding, rectangular with concave reverse(r)
    17thC hammered farthing token
    Is this a Georgian coat hook, pipe damper or seal matrix ?
    George III 1819 period fake of a silver shilling, great artifact(b)
    Titled family livery button
    c1580 German Nurembeg jetton
    German sack seal
    1942 Milled silver 2 shillings
    Edward IV 1480AD hammered silver halfpenny, Cinquefoil initial mark,London mint(r)
    16/17thC Medieval Jeton Ob Hans Schvltes Norn orb Lion of St Mark SANT.MARCUS(b)
    Monogrammed livery button
    Hand decorated post Medieval button
    1939 silver sixpence
    59th Regiment of foot button
    1696 William III silver sixpence (r)
    Unusual lead seal
    1808 Traders token, John Rogers Chiswell St London
    Locket, some gilding remains
    Large bell shaped lead weight
    17thC inlaid button
    19thC button
    Could be an ornate buckle fragment, not sure
    Edward II or III Medieval hammered silver farthing, London mint(r)
    19thC horse harness decoration
    Very interesting small decorated cylinder, could be a hawk leg ring(b)
    Fragment of a 12thC strap end(b)
    George VI 1945 silver sixpence(b)
    4thC Constantine II AD 335-337Roman bronze (r)
    St John's ambulance badge
    Copper alloy single loop D shape buckle c1250 -1500
    19thC stag head livery button
    17thC barrel spout
    Post Medieval button
    Unusual lead weight with hanger
    1889 Victoria silver six pence(b)
    1774 Captains button(b)
    Rare find, 17thC pastry jigger(b)
    Lead trade weight London mark
    1720 Portuguese coin weight(b)
    17thC annular buckle
    Interesting bronze ring
    1720's style buckle with '1861' punched on it
    16thC Jeton
    Child's spinning top
    Medieval belt decoration
    Round headed pin, not sure of date
    Harness decoration(b)
    66th Regiment of foot button
    Lead horse figure(b)
    Complete cloth seal(b)
    Decorated partifact
    Medieval pot legs and bowl fragments(c)
    Roman disc brooch 1st to 4thC AD(r)
    Huge cross, came up near a cemetery. Could be a grave marker(r)
    Tudor period horse shoe(r)
    Bone handled knife(b)
    Below are previous finds that were just lumps of crud when they were found and exported. The guys have started to clean them up and it is amazing what is under the 'green' with a bit of work
    1720 1/2 Moidor Portuguese Coin Weight cleaned up by Canadian Don
    1818 Russian looking coin cleaned up by Canadian Don
    Canadian Don cleaned up this particularly nice Colchester Royal Grammar school medal
    1946 Halfpenny

    An earlier large Roman sestertius find cleaned up really well and I think it is a Antoninus Pius

    131 to 161 AD

    Nice 1750 George II halfpenny
    1855 Napolean III copper
    Charles II 1655 half penny
    1603 Hammered farthing token
    Looks like a 101 BC Imperial Roman with the silver showing through. The head is facing left with pointy nose and beard and the legend IAG can be seen which is Roman of that period. Could this beat Ar Bert's oldest Roman at 118BC ? Cal Vicie has to now clean the black crud off
    This really clean silver sixpence was a black crusty lump and thought to be a grotty copper until Vicie cleaned it up. Must send mine to her as she did a really good job LOL
    League of the IV Commandment loyalty medal that cleaned up really nice. North Peckham is in south London
    This was a green ring and now cleaned reveals the word 'TRUE' inscribed on it on the inside. A poor mans posy ring probably brass. I will get the museum to take a look at the picture to see if they can date it or give further info
    Essex Regiment cap badge
    1797 George III Cartwheel penny