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Finds page March 2004


Vancouver Mac 84 and still giving us all detecting lesson, slow and low.

Edward Ist 1326AD hammered silver farthing London Mint
13thC Medieval Seal (Vessica shape) Very unusual design with symbol on rear
Clay impression of Vancouver Brent's Medieval seal find. S'AGHETE DE NAIS
No hallmarks will make this gold ring difficult to date 19thC(c)
1632 AD Charles 1st half groat(2 pence)(c)
1757AD- 2 reale Spanish milled silver(z)
1st Regiment of foot one piece gilded officers button(z)
Very early looking metal casket lock plate(c)
Superb ! complete 1720 decorated buckle(z)
1825 George IIII milled silver sixpence(z)
Decorated book clasp(x)
Georgian furniture decoration(c)
Worn Victorian milled silver three pence(y)
Monogrammed livery button(y)
16thC belt decoration(z)
Domitian AD 1 to 96 sestertius(c)
1770 Russian sack seal(c)
Typical condition 1753 George II half penny(x)
Superb condition 1754 George II half penny(z)
George IV 1823 Irish half penny(z)
Mary hammered silver penny 1530 AD(y)

An earlier large Roman sestertius find cleaned up really well and I think it is a Antoninus Pius

131 to 161 AD(c)

19thC livery button(b)
17thC belt decoration(b)
Unusual 17thC French milled silver love token
1923 George V milled silver sixpence(x)
17thC Dutch low countries sack seal(c)
Unusual ornate button(x)
Medical Corp button(x)
Early Glostershire Regiment button(x)
Medieval Alnage seal(x)
Huge decorated Georgian belt buckle(z)
1500's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver groat (4 pence)(c)
Pierced decorated button(x)
Worn early milled silver with 'H' over stamp(x)
Sword/dagger/bayonet guard with helmet decoration - looks like the war of 1812 period(y)
1748 Copper coin - Danish Skilling (c)
1820 George III milled silver sixpence(c)
Could be a pipe damper(x)
Charles 1st 1640 hammered silver one pence(r)
Henry II 1154 AD cut hammered silver halfpenny(y)
1600's Charles 1st hammered silver six pence(y)
Bronze interlaced rope design pendant - not sure of date(y)
1808 AD Bristol Silver ring with a full set of hallmarks(y)
Pipe damper or seal matrix ? with complete shell design on the end(b)
18thC gaming token(x)
17thC gilded hanger(x)
16thC hat buckle(x)
15thC lead cross token(z)
15thC long cross lead token(z)
17thC spur buckle(x)

1855 Victorian milled silver 3 pence(c)


Bronze ring with inscription(c)
22ct Gold ring 1959 Leopard Mark (y)
Saxon Primary silver Sceattas c 680 - 710 AD(y)Ob:Diademed bust right, Rev Blundered lengend, Bird on cross, annulet at each end of horizontal arm
North Eastern Railway button(b)
1818 Russian sack seal(y)
Early Alnage seal
Bronze cross(x)
Roman female bronze (y)
Book clasp(x)Clog fastener
Bronze bell(x)
Silver chain melted to a 1930's halfpenny and gold sticking out to the left ! (c)
1757 George II silver sixpence (m)
1827 Captains one piece Naval button(b)
1774 one piece Naval button(b)
Interesting what's it(x)
Debased Silver Roman coin (uncleaned or ID'd yet)(b)
Another interesting what'sit(x)
1794 Colchester half penny(y)
Flower decorated button(x)
Trade weight probably William III or IV (b)
Huge medallion - Lion coat of arms on one side - Rider on horseback reverse - no idea of date yet(c)
14thC long cross hammered silver penny(y)
1327 AD Edward 1st hammered silver penny(m)
Mary hammered silver penny 1530 AD(d)
1895 German fennig coin(c)
Copper alloy early bronze age flat axe 2000 BC. These are quite a rare find in Essex, so this one will be looked at by the British Museum for confirmation. They are abundant in Norfolk, with quite a few in Suffolk".

Complete and mint condition cloth seal, double B's with crown. Used in the town of Bocholt in Germany during the reign of Charles II(x)
Huge George III 1806 one penny(x)
7thC Saxon bronze(y)
Earlier find Id'd 1746 Portuguese moidor coin weight(b)

Very interesting pendant Reads "Conquerer to set free, Russia, Korea -Wellington Prinze Swartzenburg" This is a very exciting find if it refers to the Duke of Wellington the victor at the battle of Waterloo(y)

Clean George II 1732 copper penny(z)
1/2 Oz trade weight(y)
Earlier find Id'd as Roman coin weight - Eight scriptula(x)
1763 George III milled silver 3 pence(y)
Earlier find ID'd 17thC solid silver button(x)
17thC solid silver button(z)
Copper alloy Heraldic shield shape mount - Medieval harness mount(y)
Stunning condition early 1500's button(y)
1300's Edward 1st hammered silver half graot (2 pence)(y)
Mint condition Charles 1st 1600's hammered Rose farthing(y)
1640 Mint condition Colchester hammered farthing IACOB VOL BAYMAKER rev Colchester VIL(y)
Interesting little ornate do-dad(y)
Huge ornate Georgian period button(y)
1921 George V milled silver florin (24 pence)(y)
1738 George II half penny in great shape
Ornate finger ring no idea of date(y)
1943 George VI milled silver 2 shillings (24 pence)(y)
Silver thimble 19thC(y)
Not sure about this piece, no mounting points(y)
Edward IV hammered silver groat, first reign light coinage 1465 - 1470 (4 pence)(y)
Comparison of an Edward farthing to an Edward groat
Belt or harness decoration(z)
Complete 16thC belt decoration(y)
1/4 groat size of a Boy Bishop medieval lead token
Large Army Service Corp gilt badge(m)
1578 Elizabeth 1st sixpence(c)
1566 Elizabeth 1st sixpence(c)
Silver hammered Stuiver Karle de Stout Brugge mint 1481 (y)
Early cloth seal V on weave pattern(c)
Huge 1/8" thick 1stC Roman bronze(m)
15thC lead token(c)

Roman silver coin with the dreaded 'horn silver growing' on it

Anyone have any ideas of how to safely remove it without not hurting the coin ?(y)

Interesting silvered mount(y)
Fake 1816 George III silver sixpence(c)
Harlow one shilling traders token(x)
Medieval spur rowel(c)
15thC lead token(c)
Lots of nice decorated watch winders turning up
Unusual button with diamond and arrows pattern
Rose with crown military button ?
31st Regiment of foot button
Crown with 36 sack seal
Victorian 1/2 oz trade weight
Large egg shaped lead weight
Small ornate cap- no idea of date
1696 Willian III milled silver sixpence(b)
1817 George III milled silver sixpence(c)
1stC decorated Roman brooch, bow and foot only(b)
Very unusual 17thC fishscale decorated crotal bell with horse shoe makers mark(y)
Very ornate 18thC buckle fragment(b)
1696 Willian III milled silver shilling(y)
Possible Victorian hair slide(y)
Silver 46th South Devon Regiment button(y)
1839 Victorian 3 halfpence milled silver (for use in Colonies) (c)
Small caliber 17thC Caronade cannon shell(y)
1stC Roman bronze sestertius(y)
Complete cloth seal with V design(y)
Fake George III 1817 shilling(y)
1890 Victoria gold half sovereign(y)
1583 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver groat (4 pence)(y)
1819 George III Silver Half crown fake(y)
Early looking stud(y)
1720 Garter buckle(y)
Small bronze coin, does not look Roman, could possibly be another Saxon or even Celtic(y)
Very unusual raised wolf head button
17thC button
Very early bronze finger ring - Medieval(y)
Looks like part of a spur accessory - unbroken any ideas ?
1923 George V milled silver Florin (3 shillings)(z)
Badly chewed William III 1696 milled silver love token
17thC tunic toggle
17thC Superb huge decorated cow bell with WG makers mark(y)
1765 Dutch copper(z)
337AD Constans Roman bronze(z)
Portugese coin weight 1700(z)
Shamrock badge with number 12 on it(z)
19thC leather decoration(b)
The Roman coin on the left came up very near the one on the right. Both have a copper shiny appearance. What are they made of ? Looks like copper but it came out of the ground like this so it must have a high noble metal content. Arcadius AD 383-408 mintmark of SMKA (Cyzicus), Amazing condition(z)
18thC Sword hanger (y)
Complete seal matrix probably Georgian(y)
Very early looking lead face - this could be very exciting find (y)
London hallmarked George III trade weight(b)
15thC long cross token(b)
Pranching Lion gilded button
1942 George VI milled silver sixpence(b)
Medieval looking finger ring - could be earlier(y)
1300's hammered silver penny(y)

Denmark-Holstein-Gottorp-Rendsborg 12 Skilling 1719-BH Large very pretty silver coin, slightly bigger than a groat or 2 Shilling piece(z)

1696 William III milled silver shilling(y)
Belt clasp
Very interesting George III looking coin. 1/4 inch thick, is it made from a cartwheel penny ?
Plain gold ring - not dated yet (b)
12thC seal matrix. The clay impression clearly shows a falcon attacking a bird lying on it's back
1786 George III Guinea (b)
4thC Roman bronzes(b)
1300's hammered silver longcross penny(y)
1940's Toy truck
1773 Dutch low countries sack seal(z)
Small bronze coin - not sure of type
1931 George V milled silver 6 pence
1853 Victoria milled silver sixpence(z)