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New hunts page8 April 2004


The boys are really easy to spot !!

40AD Cunoblein stater hoard with corn and horse design found by Virginia Brian(g)
Massa Linda, Bruce and Texas Gary
Linda's axe head
Large Bronze circular ingots
1500 BC axe head hoard
Brilliant condition Duke of Wellington coin commemorating the battles of Salamanca, Rodrigo and of course Waterloo against Napoleon(y)
Small silver engraved piece with cupid and hearts - post 1704(y)
1638 Charles 1st hammered silver shilling(y)
1605 James 1st hammered silver sixpence(y)
George trade weight, unusally hallmarked on the base(y)
1836 William IV milled silver groat (4 pence)(y)
19thC flower design button(c)
16thC belt decoration(c)
16th - 18thC spectacle buckle(y)
20thC Royal airforce button
Ornate pad lock with circules design - not sure of date yet(c)
18thC - 19th Regiment of foot button complete
1856 Victorian milled silver six pence
Edward 1300's hammered silver half graot (2 pence)(b)
Henry VIII hammered silver groat (4 pence)(c)
8thC Saxon Key(c)
Possible 8thC gilded saxon mount(c)
Small ornate piece- not sure of it's use
Georgian trade weight(b)
Decorated wheat design lead weight ?
1696 William III silver love token
Colchester Corporation button
1884 Victorian mlled silver shilling(z)
1843 Victorian milled silver sixpence(z)
Trade Mark Register sack seal
Surry Regiment button
Northern Railways button
18thC buckle
Victorian fob seal top
Alnage cloth seal
1836 Antigua one farthing(c)
Constans 4thC Roman bronze (b)
Young head Victorian penny (first one I have ever seen)
'The soldiers friend born' Aug 16th 1765(c)
Antwerp hand 1589 AD coin weight(b)
18thC Navy button
15thC lead long cross token(y)
1846 Victoria Milled silver sixpence(z)
Early glass marble
Looks like an early French regiment button
Large caliber lead bullet(w)
16thC sword hanger(y)

1794 Tried for high treason - T.M Tooke Esq Acquited by jury - brilliant find(b)

4thC Roman bronze(b)
Large document seal Crown with R(b)
Great artefact - 17thC palm guard for stitching.
Late 17thC Russian sack seal(c)
15thC lead token(b)
Huge pot foot - not that old
1769 King George Irish half penny(y)
Huge cast mount - probably late 17thC
Monogrammed livery button
19thC Shield Nickle
1856 Victorian milled silver sixpence(z)
1816 George III silver sixpence overstamped IT(c)
15thC lead token(c)
1st Suffolk Yeomanry button(y)
Celtic gold stater- probably Galo Belgic type 50 to 70 BC (c) found by Texas Gary
Lancaster police button(c)
19thC livery button(c)
19thC livery button(w)
1720's ornate buckle(w)
Tiny 1834 William IV milled silver three halfpence for Colonial use(d)
1937 George milled silver sixpence(d)
Medieval pot leg
19thC Large ornate lead harness decoration
16thC decorated crotal bell(d)
17thC spur(d)
18thC working toy cannon(d)
1721 George II dump halfpenny(d)
Post medieval decorated spur fragment(d)
Alnage cloth seal(x)
Decorated early looking ring, post Medieval(x)
Inscribed lead piece- looks early(x)
1615- 1616 James 1st hammered silver half groat ( 2 pence)(d)
Large Georgian belt buckle
Possible Bronze age stone bead
George V 1926 milled silver sixpence(c)
1817 George III milled silver shilling(x)
1816 George III milled silver sixpence(c)
19thC livery button(x)
Early bronze ring fragment(x)
1550 AD Edward VI hammered silver half groat(2 pence)(c)
1820 George III milled silver sixpence(c)
William IV milled silver 3 pence(c)
1819 George III milled silver shilling(x)
18thC gilded intaglio pendant(x)
Unusually large 1795 pattern Royal artillery button
19thC livery button
1805 Sack seal(m)
1835 Sack seal(m)
2- 1815 Sack seals(m)
1843 Sack seal(m)
Document seal(m)
73 Cloth seal(m)
1816 Sack seal(m)
Small lead stamp/seal matrix ?(m)
Complete Cloth seal(m)
1860 sack seal(m)
Alnage colth seal(m)
17th/18thC sewing palm guard (left handed)(m)
1696 William III milled silver love token
19thC livery button
17th/18thC sewing palm guard (m)
Cloth seal(m)
'Titled' family livery button
Hanging weight
Very unusual pin - no idea of date yet
Looks like Henry V 1413 AD hammered silver penny, York mint with mullet to left and lis to right of crown(y)
Facinating lead token find, looks like a Roman head with a Celtic flower pattern on reverse, one for the museum to ID(z)
Another Medieval Pilgrim badge(z)
Medieval Pilgrim badge(z)
Very unuasual ornate cloth fastner, not seen this type before, looks pre Medieval(z)
WWI East Surry cap badge(z)
East India Company coin weight(z)
Neat button with crown and Portcullis design(y)
1895 Victorian milled silver 3 pence(z)
Ornate strap end type piece probably 17thC(z)
1696 William III milled silver love token
1815 George III milled silver shilling(z)
1834 William IV milled silver 3 pence(z)
Georgian Trade weight(z)
Victorian safe lock cover(z)
1922 George milled silver shilling(b)
Valens AD 364-378 4thC Roman bronze(b)
1859 Victorian milled silver sixpence(y)
1891 Victorian milled silver sixpence(b)
1883 Victorian milled silver three pence(b)
Early one piece Navy button
Rough 1605 James 1st hammered silver half groat
Superb 1807 George III penny(y)
1422AD Ferdinand of Spain hammered silver Reale(y)
14thC Medieval lead gold nobel coin weight (y)
2 - large 1stC Sestertius one looks like Nero 54AD and has a good head under the crud and will clean up well(b)
Gilded trinket box cover with blue stones remaining(x)
Lead face with shell design on back- no idea of date or it's use
James 1st 1605 Irish hammered silver shilling
Copper alloy late medieval french Jetton, Ave maria type, modern shield
1861 Victorian milled silver 3 pence
3rd CBarbarius radiate
Huge Albert medallion possibly Belgium
1793 Druid head token