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Pot/Bucket Parts, handles, mounts all ages

Bronze skillet, ewer and cauldron fragments.


These bronze or copper alloy vessels would have been very expensive to make but would have been used for generations andrepaired constantly. Lead pot mends are a common find. These are difficult to date as they range from the Roman to 18thC.

During the early Middle Ages earthenware cooking vessels were used. By the 1300s pottery had been replaced by metal, usually bronze, an alloy of tin and copper.

The most common shape was the cauldron with three legs and an angular handle at either side of the neck. These pots were either hung from a chain over the fire, or stood directly in the flames.




Medieval bronze bucket handle mount 84.33g, 28.39mm W,32.16 L x 23.84mm T


A deep circular hollow in the back of the head is for the attachment of a handle and the break at the neck is where the head would have been soldered to the side of the vessel

The mount represents the laver's greatest point of weakness and thus its most vulnerable point of weakness. A complete laver with female head mounts is in the collections of the British Museum (Cat No MME 1956, 7-2,1) '


Fantastic find 1stC BC Celtic bucket mount - The bird probably a raven would be one of a series used as decoration around the top of the bucket. The bucket was used in sacrifial or religious ceremonies

In Celtic mythology birds were represented as the messengers of the gods


34.02mm L, 5.28g

Huge Roman bronze animal head mount - possible bucket or pot mount - looks like it is a bird with a hooked beak but it could also be an elephant

80.24g, 29.32mm L x 28.5mm dia

Roman bronze bucket handle mount

C 1stC AD Celtic drinking vessel spout - face decoration

34.94mm W x 20.63mm L - 27.20g

Stunning Roman mount with face decoration

Roman Eagles head bronze votive offering/mount

Roman animal headed bucket mount

Roman bronze vessel mount

Roman bronze bust mount

Roman animal headed mount - gilding remains

Roman bucket loop
Roman bronze bucket handle mount 24.8g, 56.63mm L x 26.25mm w
Lower part of leg from a cauldron
Leg from a ewer
Bucket handle part
Bowl foot
Lower part of leg from a cauldron
Leg from a ewer
Leg from a ewer
Foot from a small bowl or statue
Leg from a ewer
Pot foot
Lower part of leg from a cauldron
Bowl leg
Bowl leg
Bronze Pot shard
Foot from a small bowl or statue
Lower part of leg from a cauldron
Roman bronze 'lion head' cauldron mount
Lower part of leg from a cauldron
Bronze Pot shard
Bronze Pot shard
Georgian bowl leg
Leg from a ewer
Medieval complete bronze pot leg


Medieval bronze pot legs and feet

Monster sized medieval bronze pot leg 92mm L - Georgian watch winder for size



Medieval pot handles


Medieval pot rest ?

Unusual huge bronze pot foot - not the normal medieval type so possbly Roman - need to study my ref books


Roman/British bronze handle or leg ? 42.48 mm L x 15.92 mm W


Medieval Chaffing dish handles