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  • Sept 2004 Season Latest Finds Page 1
    Edward III 1351 AD hammered silver groat (4 pence)(y)
    Edward 1300's AD hammered silver farthing(b)
    Edward Farthing and Groat size comparison
    Solid silver mount possibly treasure
    Trade weight hallmarked William
    1819 George III milled silver sixpence
    1604 James 1st hammered silver sixpence(y)
    Edward 1300's silver hammered penny, Henry VI half groat (2 pence) , Irish James 1st Shilling (12 pence)
    1200 AD short cross hammered silver 1/4 penny(y)
    16thC Sword hanger(s)
    17thC clothing fastener
    1816 George III milled silver sixpence
    1697 William III milled silver sixpence
    1928 George IV milled silver sixpence
    1879 Victorian milled silver sixpence
    Mid 4thC Constans Roman bronze(y)
    8thC Saxon brooch(y)
    16thC Acorn - enamalled belt decoration
    1930 George V milled silver sixpence
    Royal Harwich Yacht Club button
    Georgian Fob seal
    Mary 1550's silver hammered penny
    1838 Victorian milled silver three pence
    5thC Roman silver(y)
    1550's Mary silver hammered penny(y)
    Georgian watch winder
    Bell clapper ?
    1700's buckle complete with fitting
    28th Regiment of foot button
    1200 AD Mint condition Henry short cross hammered silver 1/2 penny(y)
    18thC Russian bale seal
    1351 AD Light Noble coin weight. Representation of a ship with fore and stern cables
    Possible Saxon Wode grinder
    1845 Victorian milled silver 3 pence
    Possible 8thC Saxon terminal distributer(y)
    2000BC flat axe fragment
    Lots of Royal Artillery post 1797 buttons turning up again
    Victorian 'Eva silver' name tag - Full set of hallmarks, Bristol 97% silver, date letter U
    Very unusual copper George III love token
    Mass Bruces 2nd hoard 4 - 20thC coppers in the same plug !!(s)
    Medieval Heavily decorated lead weight
    This made Texas Gary's heart stop ! Unfortunately it is Victorian gilding(y)
    Royal Signals Regiment button
    Roman lock bolt 1st to 4thC AD
    18thC Russian bale seal
    Early 1200's Henry short cross hammered silver 1/2 penny(Sr)
    Really nice 1500's Tudor fretwork button
    Ornate 'S' printing block
    15thC lead long cross token with mould pour still attached
    Medieval Alanage seal
    Post Medieval finger ring with decorations
    1700's buckle
    15thC lead token
    18th button
    1930's toy gas pump
    19thC Griffin livery button
    4thC Constantine Roman bronze
    Amazing find by Boston Beau, looks Roman but never seen the reverse, any ideas ??(y)
    1885 Victorian milled silver sixpence
    1816 George III milled silver shilling
    George IV medal
    Georgian London hallmark trade weight
    1589 Antwerp hand coin weight
    15thC Weave design lead token
    15thC Star design lead token
    Nice 'hound' livery button
    Queen Anne trade weight

    1891 Victorian full Sovereign (SH)

    Roman mount(y)
    1819 Birmingham 18 Carat signet ring(Sr)
    Huge lion's head mount
      Possible Bronze Roman finger ring(y)
      1500's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver shilling(m)
     16thC decorated crotal bell
    Another early decorated bell 
    1399 Henry hammered silver penny 

    1783 George III full gold guinea(SH)

    Mary 1500's hammered silver penny(c)
     1399 Henry hammered silver penny(y)
    Neat find, pounds, shillings and pence silver charm 
    15thC dagger guard 
     18thC Silver button, possible treasure
    1766 Dutch low counties copper 
    17thC pewter button 
     Lead toy chest
    15thC lead token 
    Beautiful Pewter fishscale crotal bell 16th/17sthC 
    Interesting eyeball find, disc made from Oyster shell 
     Very early navy button
     Button with arrow design
    Another Roman looking mount(y) 
    Coast guard button 
    1750 Irish George II penny 
    18thC working toy cannon 
    Livery button 
     1700's spectacle buckle
    Button with heraldic crest 
    Roman lead dice 
    17thC Pastry jigger 
    Gilded Flower button 
    16thC belt decoration 
    18th harness mount, winged bird with traces of red enamelling (c)
    Rider on horse button 
    1802 AD Small silver cover, Birmingham, sterling silver. 

    Medieval quatrefoil harness mount

    William III 1696 milled silver Half crown in very poor shape 
    Colchester United football club
    1600's Charles 1st hammered silver sixpence(y) 
    1575 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence(m)
    (Sr)Not ID'd
    13th/14thC English Jetton(Sr)
    1804 Silver Vatica Costl pendant(y)

    15th/16th C solid gold ring, enscribed MM inside found by Canadian Marjo, what a stunning find.

    Reported as treasure to the local museum
    Post med ring and an 1816 - 9 carat gold ring, Birmingham mint (b&Y)
    1205 James 1st(the Lion) of Scotland hammered silver half pence(y)
    Possible 8th C Saxon bronze(y)
    17thC snake buckle
     Enamelled on silver, possible cuff link not certian of date
      1800's Victorian milled silver three pence
      1921 George IV milled silver sixpence(b)
      1929 George IV milled silver sixpence(b)
    1817 George III milled silver sixpence(b)
    1700's belt buckle 
    Large Medieval pot leg 
    Really early large fishscale bell, unfortunately broken
    Another 'heartstopper' gilded piece 
    1690 gun metal coin of James II

    "Silvered" AE follis of Constantius I (Constantine the great's father) as Caesar c. 295-305 A.D. The Obverse inscription is (probably) [FL VAL] CONSTANTIVS NOB C - his laureate and cuirassed bust right. The reverse inscription is GENIO POPVLI ROMANI "(To) the genius (spirit) of the Roman People" with Genius standing left holding a patera in his right hand and a cornucopia in his left. Unfortunately, I can't make out the mintmark - in the exergual space on reverse - under the "ground line" upon which Genius stands - so I can't give you a definitive attribution - if you can make out letters in this area, let me know and I'll give you RIC # and exact dates.

    'The series in general is universal, ie: this type was struck at all mints in the empire for several years during a general re-tooling of the money system - so in great numbers, but certain officinae at certain mints striking for certain personages may be considered common, scarce or rare. It's certainly "important" in its greater British context since Constantius' victories in the area were instrumental in getting him promoted to the Tetrarchy in the first place, and by extension, his son Constantine the Great and his whole brood who would dominate the scene for the next 50 '

     Information kindly supplied by Mark from the UAC
    Saxon C600 - 775 AD Silver Sceattas Porcupine Type(y)
    Mint condition hammered silver half Groat, Looks like a Henry VII 1485 but I cannot ID it exactly in the book- drop me a mail if you are a hammered buff and can help(y)
    1600's Hammered silver foreign coin, possibly Dutch or Danish - not researched it yet(y)
    Early silver thimble - possible treasure (y)
    Gilded box lid with early Medieval cross design 
    Stunning find,16th/17thC Petronel( early muzzle loader), favoured by horse soldiers, rare find in complete form (y)
    17th/18thC clog fastener (y)
     Some nice decorated crotal bells with working ringers(y)
    Some really nice early decorated bronze items turning up - possibly Roman key but one for the museum to ID(y)
    1941 George VI milled silver 3 pence(y) 
    Circular lead weight, needs more cleaning to make out legends 
    1700's decorated buckle 
    1700's Lead George trade weight hallmarked(y) 
    Huge 1928 George milled silver half crown (30 pence) 
    1582 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat (y)
     1696 William III milled silver love token(m)

    Huge 1stC Roman Sesterius,

    Looks like a Nero 54AD (m)

    Superb find 1693 William III guinea coin weight (m)

    What a beauty

    1815 Russian sack seal 
     Alnage cloth seal
    Small chunk off a Roman 4thC silver coin !!
    Hand made button 
    1765 George III Gold Guinea
    1852 American 3 cents !!!
    15thC long cross lead toekn 
    Late 16thC buckle 
    Saxon C600 - 775 AD Silver Sceattas
     1605 Colchester hammered farthing
    1600's hammered Charles 1st Rose farthing 
    Monogrammed mount 17th/18thC 
    Large hand made key, not sure of date 
    Huge enamelled crest with coat of arms, possibly mounted on a coach 
    17th/18thC working toy cannon 
    Beaten to death by the plough hammered silver coin LOL
    1500's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat
    Real nice flower button
     Interesting Roman looking piece for the museum to ID
    1917 George V silver milled threepence
    Intersting eary handmade needle
    13thC Lead Papel badge
    Large 15thC lead token
    1769 Russian sack seal
    Neat horse button
    17thC clog fastener
    1300's cut quarter hammered silver penny
    VR military button
    Cast bear statue