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Sword, Dagger and Musket


C1000 BC Bronze Age decorated sword blade fragment

C1000 BC Bronze Age sword blade fragment


c1000 BC Bronze Age sword blase fragment


Medieval sword blade


15thC silver inlaid dagger handle
19thC Dagger quillion

c 550 AD Saxon gold dagger pommel

Viking sword

Early medieval sword pommel

The pommel, which is hollow and is curved at the base, has 5 lobes and appears to be of the Peterson L Type VI variety (Peterson 1919)

The pommel is of probable Viking/Anglo-Scandinavian origin, a hybrid of both Saxon and Viking styles and dates from the 9th to 11th century

Medieval dagger chapes

Post medieval dagger chape

1500-1700 belt slides



16th/17thC sword hanger fittings


Post Medieval cast copper-alloy sword belt hanger plate from a sword belt, dating to the 16th century AD.




A post medieval copper alloy sword belt hanger dating to the 16th century



18thC bayonet scabbard tip

Medieval knife pommels




Medieval knife quillions





Roman knife pommels

Roman knife/dagger quillions

Medieval knife/dagger quillions

Medieval dagger quillion

A cast copper alloy dagger guard dating from the late Medieval

Quillon guards would have been mounted on a dagger in between the blade and the handle, helping to protect the hand from a blow and also preventing it slipping down the blade




17thC knife quillions