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Feb 2007 Latest finds page - updated 16th Feb
17thC hammered copper trade farthing - still under investigation
1553 Mary hammered silver groat (4 pence)
1762 George III 1/4 gold guinea

Love token
Your sestertius is of Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 A.D. I can't make out any of the legends nor can I be certain which allegorical personification is on the reverse, although I'd make a guess at Pietas standing before a short, lighted altar and holding incense box. Withouth the details a clear reading of the obverse legend would afford, I can't zero-in on the exact time-frame. It's too bad, too, because usually these have a "laundry list" of titles which will allow them to be dated to within a year or two.
1666 Nathaniel Backler of Dedham Copper trade farthing
Hunting button
16thC Tudor button

111 th Regiment of foot

Kings Royal Bucks

16thC Tudor button
1575 - 1700
16thC Tudor mount with 2 integral lugs
Stunning condition for age, 1673 Charles II milled copper farthing
1247 Henry III voided long cross hammered silver halfpenny


1272 Edward 1st hammered silver penny silver- Very rare Class 10cf Durham Episcopal initial mark Cross Moline - 1.30g, 18.20mm

Durham mint CIVITAS DVR EME - Initial mark Cross Moline

16thC clothing fastener
1575 - 1700
1422- 61 Bronze uniface Crowned Three lis in shield French Ecu gold coin weight 2.96g. Letters by the shield indicate French not English version. The Gold Ecu was worth 4 shillings in England - Louis X1 Ecu d'or (1461-83) found by Texas Dave
16th/17thC mount fragment with angel face engraved
1350 - 1650
17th/18thC hinged book clasp
13thC Venetian hammered silver Soldino coin
Early harness ring
1880's Prussian army button
GERMANY, 28mm brass jeton, laureate bust R, LVDOVIC XIII D G FR ET NAVAR REX / crowned arms of France & Navarre, CONRADT LAVFER RECHEPFENNM, by Conrad Lauffer in Nuremberg, 1637-68
1634 -36 Charles 1st Rose hammered copper farthing type 2



17thC Isaac Colman, grocer, apothecaries - Colchester hammered copper trade farthing - undated type
17thC mount with 2 integral lugs
George VI Royal Engineers button
Georgian copper alloy brooch
1670's Charles II milled copper farthing
17thC clothing fastener
16th Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat - worn mintmark
15thC lead token
Georgian horse bell complete with clapper
16thC Half sized Rose orb type Jetton but silvered - requires more research
Post medieval lead hanging weight


15thC Lead trade weight with crown and E

Admiral Edward Boscawen at the battle of Porto Bello 1737 medallion
1350 - 1650
Minture anvil - probably 17th/18thC
1586 Hans Krauwincel II Rose orb Jeton


Tree design button

Hunter & Co St Martins Lane London

2 oz Victorian trade weight - Crown VR hall mark
19thC badge - crossed hands type
1553 Mary hammered silver groat fragment
Saxon C600-775 AD Silver Sceat Series C1 inverted type' 1.18g, 11.99mm
Georgian fob seal with red stone
Stunning 16th/17th Seal matrix with Bell impression
Very unusual seal matrix , 2 deers head with Fleur De Lis on heraldic shield. The cartwheel back is not one I have seen before so I will be researching it.
Silver bodkin needle - reported to museum as potenial treasure 1.27g, 44.85mm L
1670's Charles 1st copper farthing
17thC clothing fastener

18thC silver decorated clog fastener - hall marked and makers mark
1664 Joseph Gleson of Dedham Copper trade farthing
17thC Vol Jacob baymaker Colchester hammered farthing- undated type 0.75g

(February 15, 1710 – May 10, 1774), Louis XV copper coin over stamped LC
16th/17thC decorated hinged plate or book clasp - 2 rivet fixing - 38.68mm L
World War II British AFS (Auxillery Fire Service) Civil Defence
Georgian button
17thC lead token
WWII Home Front/ Civil Defence
Fantastic 15thC Medieval button
One of the smallest hammered silver coins you can find - 1625 Charles 1st hammered silver half penny. This coin is produced with no legend.
16thC Tudor fretwork button
Georgian button
Post medieval lead cloth seal
16thC Tudor nipple button
1634 -36 Charles 1st Rose hammered copper farthing type 2



Post medieval lead cloth seal
17th C lead gunpowder measure. Cap for the powder horn and measure for the gunpowder
18thC copper alloy thimbles, one on the right is a continental type
Lead snake
17thC lead prism weight
18thC decorated spur fragment
Paw foot - possible Georgian candle holder fragment
Victorian medallion
Georgian harness mount
Georgian weighing scale arm
19thC barrel tap, spigot and key

19thC French customs button

DOUANES = Customs

King John 1199 AD hammered silver penny Class 5b(ii) Possible Moneyer SIMON Chichester (Cices)
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