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  • 2006 Finds page 5

    Medieval hammered silver penny

    Trinovantes Clacton type Celtic gold 1/4 stater 50BC 1.28g, 13.72mm

    06.0492. Not much I can say about these except that the second one is probably the later of the two, struck from a rather more stylized reverse die. But 'later' in this context might only be a matter of days or weeks, I don't think these coins were struck over a very long period'.

    117AD Roman Hadrian silver coin

    'This is an early denarius of Hadrian, 117 A.D. - his first year as emperor. You can tell it's an early one as the portrait looks so much like Trajan.
    Obv: IMP CAESAR TRAIANVS HADRIANVS AVG. Laureate bust right with drapery on far shoulder.
    Rx: P M TR P COS DES II - CONCORD (in exergue) concordia seated left holding patera and resting arm on statuette of Spes; cornucopiae beneath throne.
    RIC II 17, RSC 251a, SR 3465, VM 43/1.

    30AD Cunobelin Celtic silver coin


    'further to yesterday's email, yes, this is a rare silver unit of Cunobelin. The type is in recent volumes of 'Coins of England' (no. 310) but isn't in VA or the BMC catalogue. I've attached an image of the best of the six we already have here for you to compare.
    Judging from the style and the very classical griffin it's a late issue, presumably 30s AD. Findspots are in Essex (4 including yours) and Suffolk (1), ie in the Trinovantian territory rather than the Catuvellauni.

    I'll record it as CCI 06.0523. Congratulations on a rare find!'

    c10thC Viking Thors's hammer pendant
    Roman clothing fastener ?
    1826 dated London Guild Hall trade weight
    Georgian fleur di Lis design ink well cover
    German eagle button
    WWII RAF button


    1865 Victoria gold half Sovereign
    17thC decorated clasp
    Musket ramrod guide ?
    15th/16thC bronze thimble
    1854 Greek lead bale seal
    Georgian trade weight
    Post 1840 Navy button
    Medieval decorated and gilded pendant hanger
    Lion design livery button
    1839 Victorian milled silver three pence
    Pre 1840 Navy button
    1560-1 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver shilling ( 12 pence)
    10 Shillings (120 pence) Co operative Society of Colchester and East Essex
    17thC copper alloy hanger
    20thC lead toy soldier
    ? Similar to Roman key but has a mounting point
    Post 1840 Navy button
    Pre 1840 Navy button
    WWII New Zealand Forces button
    Georgian watch winders
    Georgian coin weight - Portcullis type
    Very early bronze bead
    WWII miltary button
    Roman bowl foot
    1575 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver three pence
    Tudor period decorated clasp
    17thC decorated clothing fastener
    1944 George V milled silver sixpence
    1272 Edward 1st hammered silver penny
    1653 John Sewell, grocer Colchester hammered farthing
    17thC Jonas Whale - baker of Colchester hammered copper trade token - not dated type
    1532- 42 AD Henry VIII hammered silver groat - 2nd coinage 2.68g, 25.18mm and a 1272 AD Edward hammered silver farthing 0.32g,9.52mm - Type 30h Obv EDWARDVS REX AN Rev CIVITAS LONDON
    1794 Charles IIII of Spain 1/2 Real Mexico mint 1.56g
    1582-3 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat - Bell mint mark

    10th/11thC Late Saxon stirrup mount - Type 12 openwork version Page 7 - fig 312, David Williams

    20.10g, 46.78mm L x 27.47mm W x 4.99mm T

    1636 Charles 1st Scottish hammered silver 20 pence- 2nd issue
    Unusual copper alloy post medieval mount
    Huge bronze medieval pot fragment
    19thC silver sugar spoon - no hallmarks
    Unusual Lead weight - mint mark obscured
    1586 Hans Krauwincel II Rose orb Jeton


    1586 Hans Krauwincel II Rose orb Jeton


    4thC Roman bronze - needs more cleaning
    Lead weight with abstract design - possible Saxon
    D buckle c1250 - 1500
    C10thC Saxon mount
    Post 1840 Navy button
    Napoleonic French military button
    10th Regiment of foot button
    17thC apothecary weight - star type
    Post medieval copper alloy acorn design mount
    pre 1840 Navy button
    17thC hammered sopper trade token - Nathaniel Lawrence of Colchester - Not dated type
    George IV 1820-1830 (son of George III)
    death medallion
    1603 James 1st hammered silver half groat
    Unsual find for here - 4 ringer lead bullet
    1696 William III trade weight - London mint mark, crown with W
    Medieval bronze pot leg
    1603 James 1st gold half Angel coin weight - obv Crown VS - Rev Angel
    17thC trade token - Johan Jacob - Carolvs - Charles II
    Dutch 1770's - 4 Stuivers
    George V 1918 milled silver threepence , 1929 sixpence, George VI 1942 sixpence
    1670 Ipswich copper farthing
    Anglo Saxon - possible Viking type - horse cheek piece c 11thC
    1817 George III milled silver 6 pence
    1570 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat
    1929 George V milled silver half crown (30 pence) and sixpence
    1843 Victorian milled silver four pence
    1696 William III milled silver shilling ( 12 pence)
    14thC Medieval hammered silver half groat ( 2pence) - CIVITAS CANTOR - Canterbury mint
    1272 Edward 1st hammered silver penny
    1854 Victorian milled silver three pence
    Very early 15thC button
    Medieval shield harness decoration with circle design
    1625 Charles 1st hammered silver penny
    18thC decorated clog fastener
    Post medieval clasp with glass stone
    Early lead gaming piece
    17thC apothecary weight
    16thC Gold angel coin weight
    2 - 20thC girl guides badges
    Early medieval harness pendant with gilded circle design
    Tiny 18thC toy cannon
    Lion livery button
    Pre 1840 Navy button
    Fish design hunting buttton
    Bird design livery button

    Lots of nice 16th/17th buckles turning up


    Interesting early medieval rope design decorated piece, perhaps late Saxon - appears to be a cord guide and it is not broken - needs more research
    18thC sword hanger fitting
    18thC gilded belt side
    1649 Commonwealth hammered silver half groat
    Victorian Silver tree and leaf pattern charm
    1903 Edward VII milled silver sixpence
    1652, 8 Maravedis revalidated with VIII counterstamp on 8 Maravedis of 1625 of uncertain mint, Felipe IV (1621-1665) of Spain
    Interesting Navy button with double anchors
    1586 Hans Krauwincel II Rose orb Jeton


    European copper dated 1810

    'This is a 2 (or 4) Skilling Courant from Norway. Ruled at the time by the Danish king Frederik VI. The crossed hammers in the date are an "instant identifier" for Norway.'

    It is not possible to see in the picture if it is 2 or 4 Skilling and they are also very close in size: 2 Skilling is 28 mm and 4 Skilling is 33 mm.The 2 Skilling 1810 is common, low value, but if it is 4 Skilling it is very rare! Only 4 years later, in 1814 Norway came under Swedish rule until 1905.

    1603 James 1st, Gold Double crown, 2nd coinage, revalued coin weight - obv I.R.M BRITAN

    Rev Crown with XI S

    Gilded firemans button
    Pre 1840 Navy button
    1664 Colchester type hammered copper trade token
    Late medieval long bronze key - style not in reference books 46.34mm L
    16th/17thC decorated knife handle 73.52mm L
    Roman period bronze mount 34.2mm dia x 5.15mm T

    1895 Silver initialled ring - 'MIZPAH' - Birmingham hall mark date letter V 2.09g, 16.52mm dia

    Lodge item . . . The Shriners.

    C 17thC Decorative copper alloy mount with flower and circle design
    Post medieval decorated copper alloy finger ring 18.88mm dia
    Livery button
    18thC clog fastener
    18thC clog fastener
    17thC harness pendant
    16thC Tudor buttons
    Elizabeth 1st half crown coin weight - Crown VI 1.5g
    Pre 1840 Navy button
    Georgian button

    19thC token - Tooles 'class whiskeys'

    'R A1'

    rev reads 'Leadenhall St London'

    Neat find 18thC token - reads obv ' Good wine needs to bush'

    'British Tea Warehouse - 4 Bitter Lane'

    Possible 1471- 83 Edward VI gold angel - sent for straightening 5.13g, 26.34mm
    Stunning condition 1739 George II copper farthing
    Royal artillery button
    17thC sword hanger fitting fragment
    1640 Charles 1st hammered copper Rose farthing
    Huge cast Fleur De Lis decorated mount, next to a Rose farthing for size - probably Georgian period
    1902 Edward VII milled silver three pence
    Post medieval mount - unusual shell design
    Georgian bell type trade weight 6.8g
    20thC silver cross with glass stone
    Facinating medieval find - Bronze shaft/handle with Vessica shaped lead seal on the end- this appears to be hand made Vessica lead seal matrix holder - 45.7mm L
    1640 Charles 1st hammered copper Rose farthing
    Medieval hammered silver half groat - London Mint
    16thC Tudor button
    Georgian gilded hinged mount with cherub design

    1619 -1625 Half gold laurel of James 1st square coin weight , 3rd coinage 4.20g

    obv Crown XS, rev James 1st bust

    1838 Victorian milled silver two pence
    1858 Victorian milled silver shilling
    Size comparison of a 12 pence (shilling) and a 2 pence milled silver coin
    Medieval Heraldic shield hanger fragment
    Boar's head button

    Curious coin dated 1834 - William IV period - must be a token

    'This coin is from the Ionian Islands acquired by Britain in 1809-14 and left to Greece in 1864. You can see the text "IONIKON KRATOS" on the coin and depending on diameter it can be 1 Lepton (15mm), 2 Lepta (22mm), 1 Obol (28mm) or 2 Oboli (34mm).


    Huge medieval lead trade weight with petal design 42.11mm x772mm T
    Victorian coin with German eagle on back ?
    Navy button
    Manchester Corporation Tramways button
    Scottish 1634 Charles 1st hammered silver 20 pence
    WWI 1918 George V farthing love token ? - SM LT
    1351-2 Edward III hammered silver groat - Cross 1 Obv EDWARD D G REX ANGL (I) Rev CIVITAS LONDON - London mint

    Fascinating copper alloy 'A' punch - Shaft has the markings VIIII on one face, F F F inscribed on the other three sides.

    It is pre industrial as it is hand made with no machining so probably Georgian in date. It appears to have had a wooden handle and probably used in leather work.

    Manchester - 'Ship, Canal Railways' button
    Royal fusiliers cap badge
    17thC Clothing fastener
    17thC Lead mount - flower design
    Post medieval lead cloth seal
    Post medieval lead cloth seal with crown impression
    15thC lead token - long cross type
    Medieval buckle plate
    Tudor period cloth seal
    Early one piece Royal fusilier's button
    20thC silver dog mount
    Great find, c16thC bronze seal matrix with heart impression
    1655 Henry Lamb of Colchester hammered copper trade farthing
    1656 Samuel Salter of Dedham Copper trade farthing
    1656 Samuel Salter of Dedham Copper trade farthing
    1656 Samuel Salter of Dedham Copper trade farthing
    1665 William Ferris of Colchester hammered copper trade farthing
    Unusual Georgian gilded button
    Unusual abstract design lead token - similar to Saxon weights
    Saxon pin head with classic ridge decoration - 7.4mm head dia
    Georgian spur fragment with hangering decoration still attached
    31.54mm dia lead lion - too big for a token and no marks as a bale seal or mount - not sure of use yet
    Ear scraper shape with bowl end - could be Roman but looks later possibly medieval 42.02mm L
    Roman bronze pin 65.15mm L
    Early 1900's St Christopher medallion - early racing car on reverse
    1925 George V milled silver shilling
    1553 Mary hammered silver groat (4 pence)
    1817 George III milled silver sixpence
    15thC lead token - cross and pellet type
    1670's Charles II copper farthing
    1834 William IIII copper in great shape
    17thC cup type trade weight
    Lead cloth seal with 43 ZZ mark
    1672 Charles II copper farthing - reversed bust
    1619 -1625 Half laurel of James 1st - 3rd coinage coin weight 4.32g, value 10 shillings (120 pence)
    Monster sized decorated harness mount
    Better shot of an earlier beautiful Tudor period Ornate book clasp
    Better shots of an earlier Medieval pilgrims decorated ampoule

    1634 -36 Charles 1st Rose hammered copper farthing type 2



    1844 Victorian half farthing (1/8 penny)

    Fractional farthings were issued from 1839. Copper half farthings, 1920 to the pound, were used in Britain, and also in many Colonial countries where lower denomination coins were needed.
    They were issued from 1839 to 1856, and their reverse design was the inscription "HALF FARTHING" in two lines, with a crown above.

    Georgian watch back plate showing man and woman in period dress
    1770 Russian bale seal
    16thC Tudor button
    Pre 1840 Navy button
    American GI buttons
    Corporation button
    Lion button
    Royal Engineers button
    Infanterie de ligne (1871-1916)
    Fantastic condition 1719 George 1st Second issuue small letters copper farthing
    Sergeants Mess Depot - 8th Depot Battalion one and half pence token
    18thC bayonet frog
    3/4 oz lead trade weight
    Georgain watch winders
    1839 Victorian milled silver shilling ( 12 pence)

    Tiny 1701 William III Maundy milled silver one pence - next to a 1839 Victorian shilling for size
    17thC hammered copper farthing of James Warwell of Boxwell Suffolk draper
    1847 Victorian milled silver sixpence
    Medieval bronze pot leg
    Victorian Lead lion mount
    1stC Roman bronze coin

    4thC Roman Barbarous Radiate coin

    No, it's not "Barbarous", it's an official issue of Rome - and more interesting speculating how it got to Britain for this, since it's Gallienus - almost certainly dating to his sole reign, 260-268 A.D. after the capture of his co-regnal father, Valerian I, by the Persians. Britain and Northern Europe were part of the break-away Gallic Empire at the time, most likely under Postumus. Unfortunately very little legend remains on that specimen to help pin it down specifically, and Gallienus had, by far, the largest and most varied number of coin-types in the 3rd century. That appears to be a centaur, left, so my best guess would be that the reverse legend should be: APOLLINI CONS AVG - a large series which included a number of mythical creatures as the reverses.


    1614-25 James 1st hammered copper farthing Type 3c
    1667 Langley, Albra bay maker Colchester hammered copper trade farthing
    'In that condition, it's going to be difficult to supply a specific reference, but it seems to be a copper As of a Flavian, probably Vespasian (or, less likely, Titus, as Caesar), c. early 70's A.D., with an eagle standing on the reverse - compare to this specimen from my collection:

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