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    Sept 2006 Finds Page 2


    Medieval decorated ring - 2.96g, 18.87mm dia, 3,34mm w x 1.46mm thick aquired by museum

    1865 Victorian gold half sovereign
    Excellent 1700's ship engraved cufflink

    1789 gold mourning ring, 3.48g 24.22mm

    Medieval bucket mount 84.33g, 28.39mm W,32.16 L x 23.84mm T

    Admiral Edward Boscawen at the battle of Porto Bello 1737,37.27mm dia

    1666 London hammered copper trade farthing
    15thC Square brass Henry gold uniface angle coin weight from low countries or Germany
    Tudor period decorated mount
    Georgian watch winder
    1814 Russian lead bale seal
    Glass marble
    1696 William III milled silver love token
    Late medieval decorated gaming piece
    Unicorn livery button
    Great addition to our watch winder page, a complete one !!
    War department cloth seal ?
    Roman lead coin weight
    Late medieval coin weight - long cross and pellet type
    Great condition 1696 William III copper half penny
    18thC toy cannon
    Charles 1st Gold Angel coin weight 3.58g - should be 4.2g LOL

    'Although I can't be certain about the reverse type, this is obviously a sestertius of Hadrian - 117-138 A.D. The obverse legend of: [HADRIANVS] AVG COS III PP places it among his later issues since he only held the PP title post 128 A.D. and this legend is specific to 134-138 A.D. If, as I think is likely, the reverse is "PAX AVG S - C" it dates to around 135 A.D. However, there are several other standing figures holing cornucompaie that it might be - if we could get a few letters of the reverse legend, I oculd pin it down more specifically'.


    20,96g , 28.77mm dia x 4.56mm t

    Charles 1st hammered silver half groat ( 2pence) - no mintmark

    0.92g, 16.33mm

    64th Regiment of foot button

    1526-44 Henry VIII hammered silver penny Sovereign type - London mint

    0.67g, 16.47mm

    Early one piece general service army button
    June 1830 William IIII medallion
    Huge military helmet badge with Latin inscription and thistle
    Large 1600's civil war caronade cannon ball
    1696 William III milled silver shilling
    17thc Clothing fastener
    1603 James 1st hammered silver penny
    1815 George III milled silver sixpence
    Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny
    1554 Mary hammered silver groat fragment
    Medieval hammered silver half groat - Canterbury mint
    Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat
    2nd - Early military lead clasp with crown design
    Corporation tram way button
    Early lead dice - very unusual as it has 2's and 1's on the faces. I will have to research the game played as it could be post Medieval
    Unusual bronze seal with full legend around the rim. Generally these are Georgian in date but further cleaning of the inscription should help with a better ID
    Early one piece military button with Royal fusiliers type motif
    Early railway button ?
    Lion livery button
    1845 Russian lead bale seal
    Medieval lead coin weight
    WWII Royal fusiliers badge
    WWII Irish regiment ?
    Silver open topped thimble - Chester hallmark 1852
    1583 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence
    C850 Bronze age socketed axe blade fragment
    Post medieval belt mount
    Very early and unusual decorated crotal bell with silver content and unknown maker cross
    Charles 1st hammered copper rose farthing
    c16thC Superb Gold Ryal brass single sided coin weight - rose on ship is for Ryal - R in the field indicates weight for a Rose Noble or Ryal- 3.22g, 14.04mm
    15thC bronze seal ring 4.22g- 25mm dia
    First ever found here - 1826 George IV milled silver shilling - Lion on crown type
    Great find - Georgian pipe tamper in shape of an oriental playing a pipe 48.39mm h
    1652 John Vandewall of Harwich hammered copper farthing
    1664 Joseph Gleson of Dedham Copper trade farthing
    Henry hammered silver halfpenny 0.40g, 12.78mm London mint, Initial mark cross and extra pellets to two qtrs as Henry IV's 2nd reign 1470 but legend does not match - needs more research
    Tudor period decorated belt slide
    1656 Samuel Salter of Dedham Copper trade farthing
    1758 George II milled silver one pence
    Size comparison example for hammered silver coins found yesterday - top left 6 pence- top right half pence - bottom left 2 pence -bottom right one pence
    Large early marble
    3 - Trade weights - need more cleaning but the bottom one is a George 1st London mint
    Crispy 1216-72 Henry III hammered silver voided long cross penny
    Possible Henry IV hammered silver penny - annulet by crown type, Lis on neck
    Superb condition rare Hartington ? 17thC hammerd copper farthing - not checked the books yet
    Charles 1st hammered copper farthing
    Post medieval belt mount
    Military clasp
    17thC button
    Georgian garter buckle
    Georgian shoe buckle
    17thC double D buckle
    Post medieval bronze pot leg
    Georgian pewter bowl leg
    18thC decorated clog fastener
    Superb Tudor 16thC button
    83rd Regiment of foot button
    Georgian spur
    17thC Charles 1st hammered silver half groat
    Medieval hammered silver farthing

    1631-9 Briots coinage - Charles 1st milled silver half crown - first test milled silver

    This would have been a monster find in good shape

    James 1st 1603 hammerd silver penny
    Charles 1st hammered copper farthing

    Post 1773 pennweights and grain coin weight

    Gold Guinea weight

    Post medieval mount
    17thC clothing fastener
    17thC casket key
    Stonking condition copper coin 1739 George II halfpenny
    1688 James II milled silver 3 pence
    Later Edward hammerd silver penny - not checked it yet
    Lead seal
    1666 Thomas Peeke of Colchester hammered copper trade farthing
    Not sure on this one
    Georgian watch winder
    Charles 1st hammered copper farthing
    Early spur fragment
    Medieval Rose Ryal type coin weight
    1655 Henry Lamb of Colchester hammered copper trade farthing
    Foreign hammered coin - not researched it yet
    Really unusual hanging weight - not researched it yet
    Post medieval acorn design mount
    1666 Thomas Peeke of Colchester hammered copper trade farthing
    1666 Thomas Peeke of Colchester hammered copper trade farthing
    1666 Nathaniel Backler of Dedham Copper trade farthing
    Louis Napoleon, King of Holland - Netherlands East Indies 1/16th of a GuilderDutch provincial copper

    1664 Dedham token - unrecorded type - Great find
    17thC Charles 1st marriage silver commemoration button 1.12g,16.19mm
    1580 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence 2.78g, 24.93mm - Note rare double stuck head
    1645 Charles 1st hammered silver shilling (12 pence) Tower mint under parliament - sun initial mark 5.48g, 30.33mm
    1575 Elizabeth 1st threepence
    1664 Joseph Gleson of Dedham Copper trade farthing
    Medieval flower decorated lead pilgrims ampoule - not checked the ref books yet for exact type and date
    WWII Essex Regiment cpa badge
    Great find - early Mickey Mouse enamelled badge
    Late medieval/Tudor Silver decorated bodkin needle - 8.88g 62.47mmL reported as treasure
    17thC clotning fastener
    17thC gilded clasp 40.64mm L

    Plain Intaglio gold ring fragment - gold over bronze ? Early decoration 17th/18thC ? Reported to museum as treasure


    Period of Frederick III 1440- 1493

    Nuremberg -Mainz -Bavaria type

    Lozengy shield of Bavaria

    1586 Hans Krauwincel II Rose orb Jeton


    1674 Charles II copper halfpenny
    1664 Joseph Gleson of Dedham Copper trade farthing
    c 850BC Bronze age axe head 51.40g, 31.72 L x 41.76w 15.81 t
    14th/15th book clasp
    16thC clothing fastener

    1586 Hans Krauwincel II Rose orb Jeton


    18thC clog fastener
    Charles 1st hammered copper farthing
    Charles 1st hammered copper farthing

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