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Sept 2004 Season Latest Finds Page 2

Wisconsin Wayne's second gold 1769 George III gold half guinea (sr)
Looks like a Henry III 1249AD hammered silver penny(y)
Stunning 14thC Medieval enamelled pendant, my favourite find of the year so far(y)
Modern jewellery item(y)
Small bronze cross
Interesting 15thC lead token
1580's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny(y)  
18thC copper token
1485 Henry VII hammered silver half groat (2 pence)(y)
16thC sword hanger
William III 1696 milled silver half crown (30 pence)
15thC token(c)
Very early casket key - possibly Roman(y)
Possible Roman cart fitting(y)
17th/18thC clog fastener
Heavy weave design button
16thC Tudor button
Georgian trade weight
William III 1696 copper penny
Huge 1922 George V milled silver half crown(30 pence)
1946 George VI Milled silver sixpence(y)
1939 George VI Milled silver sixpence
1580's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny(y)
14th C clothes fastener
18thC shield token
1580's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny(y)  
Very interesting rope design decorated pendant
Rare 1697 William and Mary copper penny
Seriously clipped 13thC shortcross hammered silver penny
  17th/18thC Buckles
 George III sixpence forgery
  Cleaned 1766 foreign copper
 Squirrel decorated Georgian watch winder
  1857 Victorian milled silver sixpences and a huge George V 1922 Half crown (30 pence)  
  Very Early shortcross hammered silver penny not in any major reference book !!!(b)
 Looks like a huge Lucilla 161 - 169 AD Roman (b)
16thC belt decoration 
  Squashed 17thC silver thimble - possible treasure(b)
1300's Edward hammered silver penny (y)
  1600's Charles 1st hammered silver penny(b)
WW I toy soldier (b)
Hallmarked London trade weight (b)
Saxon Primary silver Sceattas c 680 - 710 AD(g) found by Mass Bill(e)
  1575 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence(y)

'This is an example of the Clacton stater - it's not listed in VA, but there's one in the British Museum catalogue, at BMC 192 (where it's incorrectly attributed to the Corieltauvi). These coins were virtually unknown until the 1980s, but we now have records of more than 50 of them, predominantly from Essex, and it seems certain to be the quarter stater type associated with the full Clacton stater. There is strong Gallo-Belgic influence, as you mention - the obverse seems to be copied from the 'three men in a boat' design found on the imported Gallo-Belgic quarter staters, while the reverse is indeed nearly identical to the Clacton stater type. Its date is probably c. 50 BC.

This one will be in the Index as CCI 04.2136'.

(b) Found by Manhattan Gary

Denarius of the Emperor Vespasian (69-79 AD), minted in Rome AD 75.

Vespasian, his laueate head right

Pax seated left, holding olive-branch, left hand at side.

Thanks to Jan de Veen of the UR forum for ID

Found by Californian Charles

4thC Roman gold ring with green stone (e) found by Mass Bill
Medieval clothing fastener
1772 George II milled silver two pence
1635 Charles 1st hammered silver 6 pence - very interesting coin, has the Crown initail mark with a 1645 shield ?
15thC buckle
Early Regiment button
1910 Edward VII milled silver one shilling (12 pence)
1485 Henry VII hammered silver penny
Very unuasual 17thC circular palm guard for sewing
1696 William III milled silvcer love token
Medieval spur rowel
15thC lead long cross token
Huge Roman bronze looks like Septimus Severus AD193
Early looking implement- one for the museum guys
1830 Russian bale seal
Probably Victorian harness pendant
Unusual lead bale seal
Bird with branch Livery button
Post 1780 Navy button
Lion design livery button
15thC long cross lead token
1921 George V milled silver sixpence
Roman Centurion standard mount, great find
Early flower decorated button
1816 George III milled silver sixpence
1/4 Oz trade weight
Roman buckle
1820 - 30th Regiment of foot - South Mayo Regiment
Military button
15thC open top bronze thimble
1580's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver groat
1580's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat
1687 James II milled silver one pence - rare find
1300's AD hammered Soldino silver Venitian coin
1895 Victorian milled silver one shilling
17thC solid silver button commemorating the marriage of Charles 1st reported as treasure
1340AD Beehive thimble
1836 William IIII milled silver groat (4 pence)
Hanger possibly Saxon period
Silver disc with horse and cross stamped on it- facinating artefact no idea of date yet
1500 AD button
Military button
Decorated post Medieval hawking ring
Medieval strap end with traces of red and white enamelling remaining
Almost like a 1600's Siege token - one for the museum
6 inch long engraved bird wing ?
Post Medieval buckle
1921 George V Milled silver sixpence
Decorated medieval mount - traces of red and green enamelling remain
Livery button
Regimentl button
Eley Bros token London
Post 1790 25th Regiment of foot
Bale seal
L&L Bale seal
Interesting decorated widget !
1843 Dutch low countries copper
Nice condition 17thC crotal bell
1154 AD Henry II shortcross silver hammered short cross cut half penny
1600's Charles 1st hammered silver penny
Silver mount with crude 'Scrimshaw' type decoration- possible treasure
1792 Louis XVI copper, great shape 1/8 inch thick
1569 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence
1592 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence
Small silver engraved piece, possible fob seal centre
1854 Napolean III copper
Early strapend
AEC button
Medieval pot leg
Army medical button
Engraved 1789 Musket plate ?
Medieval Alnage Seal
Essex Police button
Coast guard button
17thC Jetton
Fragment of what would have been a stunning silver buckle
1844 Victorian milled silver 4 pence
1858 Victorian milled silver 6 pence
Medieval Apothecary weight
Neat gilded button
61st Regiment of foot button
Very early chest handle - possibly Roman
George V 1912 milled silver shilling
1500's AD Elizabeth 1st hammered silver sixpence
German c1580 to 1610 Jetton
1696 William III milled silver sixpence
Early Navy button
Huge lead Medieval document seal with shield design
Roman bronze mount with serpent face
Stone set in silver mount
Lead weight with Roman urn design
18thc Braintree halfpenny token

Saxon C600 - 775 AD Silver Sceattas Porcupine Type found by NY Ken

Saxon C600 - 775 AD Silver Sceattas found by Ark Gary
 Great find, looks like 'Death or Glory' tank regiment button
  1475 Dutch -Karel de Stoute -silver DOUBLE STUIVER
Colchester 1790 half penny
Medieval belt decoration
1822 William IIII half pence
14thC Medieval enamelled horse hanger
Henry VI hammered silver half pence
Titled family button
Mike's cleaned up 1797 George III Cartwheel penny next to Alaskan Geo's 1581 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver threehalfpence.
1580's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat
1886 Victorian milled silver 3 pence
George II 1739 milled silver sixpence
1696 William III milled silver sixpence
4thC Constans Roman bronze
Medieval Ryal gold coin weight
Lion Livery button
15thC lead token
1500's Tudor Button
Anchor design trade token 17thC
Medieval belt decoration
17thC complete cloth seal with LL design
17thC toy gun
Medieval decorated spindle wort
Early decorated crotal bell
Loyal Colchester Volunteers button
17thC clog fastener
Post Medieaval trade weight
1696 William III silver love token
Medieval belt decoration
Medieval hanger
1696 William III silver love token
Medieval belt decoration
4thC Roman bronze
1730 1/2 Guinea coin weight
1500's Tudor Button
18thC Navy button
Horse head livery button
Medieval Jetton
1216 AD Henry III hammered silver half pence
18thC working toy cannon
Silver Denarius of Octavian/Augustus, Cohen/Roman Silver Coins no.
91, Crawford 538/1, assigned to c. 36 BC.
1686 James II milled silver 3 pence
Small bronze cross possibly Saxon period
Spectacular Plummer mark 1/4 pound trade weight, not in reference books, pre 1605 possibly
Rare Henry VI 1399 AD hammered silver penny
1931 Geroge V milled silver half crown (30 pence)
Size comparison of 1931 half crown and Henry VI penny
Stunning 14thC Medieval harness pendant - White enamelled flowers on red background
Great artefact from WWII - Womans land Army badge
1165 AD William 1st of Scotland hammered silver penny
Urn design harness decoration
Huge Edward 1547 AD VI hammered silver shillling (12 pence)
Griffin design livery button
1836 William IIII milled silver groat (4 pence)
Fox head livery button
4thC Constans Roman bronze
Dandy button
Huge Roman bronze- looks like a Nero 45AD
1754 George II copper half penny
1816 George III milled silver 6 pence
16thC dagger guard
17thC working toy cannon
Lion design livery button
Possible early ear ring
Very early silver spoon - possibly 15th - 16thC reported to museum as treasure
Gilded Navy button
1838 Victorian milled silver groat (4 pence)
1272 ADEdward 1st hammered silver penny
1830 Russian sack seal
18thC Toy Cannon
Sack seal with VF design
Cord end cap
Hotel Royal Boulogne
17thC spur buckle
Bale seal
Early looking padlock
1811 Russian bale seal
1814 Russian bale seal
Tudor period button
London hallmark Georgian period trade weight
Nice condition early nipple button
Possible shield boss
'Warranted Superior' crest ?
17thC decorated clog fastener
GR button
Early coin weight
Very unusual double sided 15thC lead token
Huge 138AD Antoninus Pius Roman bronze
Incredibly rare in this condition - 1700 AD William III halfpenny
Teddy Tail league - probably mid 20thC
Looks like a large Nero 54AD copper type Roman
Facinating silver Roman find by Bud - it is bloated and thick and also eaten away by something - sent off to the experts to ID
Dandy button
Nice cross, not as old as it looks
1808 Dutch low countries 1/16 of a Skilling ?
Lead soldier
15thC lead token