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  • Oct 2004 Season Latest Finds Page 3

    1840 Victorian milled silver shilling
    15thC lead token
    Colchester 12 pence token
    Hall & Allen Haberdashers
    1580 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat (2 pence)
    1300's AD Edward 1st hammered silver penny
    15thC lead token
    Part of Elizabeth 1st hammered silver shilling
    1892 Birmingham hallmark 97 % silver Vesta (match) case
    6000BC flint scraper (not positively ID'd by museum)
    1500's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver groat (4 pence)
    1300's AD Edward 1st hammered silver farthing (1/4 pence)
    Cross mount - not as old as it looks
    1912 George V milled silver Florin (24 pence)
    67th Regiment of foot button
    56th Regiment of foot button
    Dandy button
    17thC spur buckle
    Medieval spur rowel
    18thC lead Palm guard
    Possible Viking mount 8thC (ID'd as Medieval)
    Medieval clothing fastener
    Reads 1750 on the coin ? French 25 Centimes coin
    1500's Tudor button
    1340 AD Beehive thimble
    Bronze bracelet with Celtic style ends - one for the museum to date
    17thC Colchester hammered token
    Huge button with PS initials
    1700's Apothecary weight
    Birmingham Hallmarked silver watch fob hanger
    Interesting piece - no idea of use or date yet
    1569 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver groat ( 4 pence)
    1838 Victorian milled silver groat ( 4 pence)
    1943 George V milled silver sixpence
    12th Regiment of foot button
    Interesting bale seal
    67th Regiment of foot button
    Tally Ho hunting button
    Large 18thC sheep bell
    17thC bronze barrel spout
    Flower button
    49th Regiment of foot button
    17thC buckle
    George III 1/3 gold guinea forgery
    15thC lead token
    Tudor period purse bar end
    1800 Russian bale seal
    1859 Victorian milled silver 3 pence
    Flower design button
    WWII Nazi Swastica from a downed German bomber
    1569 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver groat ( 4 pence)
    1500's Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny
    Size comparison between groat and a penny
    1600's Charles 1st hammered silver shilling (12 pence)
    George V 1914 milled silver half crown (30 pence)
    Boar's head livery button
    Gilded Navy button
    1575 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver six pence

    Louis X1 (1461-83)

    Ecu d'or, 28mm, 1re emission 31/12/1461. Obv: LVDOVICVS:DEI:GRA:FRANCOR:REX, ecu de France crowned, bounded by deux lis crowned. Rev: XPS:VINCIT:XPS:REGNAT:XPS:IMPGRAT, "croix feuillue avec quadrilobes en coeur, accoste de quarte cournelles, dans un quadrilobe." Mint is Paris - pt 18 on the obv. Dup 539v (with XPC); C 741v which has the reverse ending "XPS IMPERT."

    Very unusual 15thC lead token
    16thC belt decoration circules pattern
    Eastern Counties bus company button
    1625 Charles 1st Rose hammered copper farthing
    15thC belt decoration circules pattern
    1759 Dutch low countries copper ?
    Boars head on a sword livery button
    Early 16thC Tudor button complete
    Ornate Georgian period cabinet handle
    Ornate harness mount
    Small copper coin - possibly Spanish
    Lion livery button
    HE & Edwards Covent Garden 2 shilling (24 pence) token
    Irnate shoe buckle early 18thC
    1800's Victorian milled silver 3 pence
    1875 Victorian milled silver 3 pence
    1859 Victorian milled silver 6 pence
    Very unusual double sided 15thC lead token
    Figure of a man in 16thC dress with hook on back for bookmark ??
    Small 18thC decorated copper ring
    18thC spur
    Lead weight with circular designs - no idea of date yet
    16thC sword hanger
    Silver cuff link
    Ornate pot foot
    15thC lead token
    Medieval mount
    Another interesting early bronze piece - another one for the museum to look at
    HE & Edwards Covent Garden 1 shilling (12 pence) token
    Nuremberg Jetton 1500's
    Stag head livery button
    German Eagle lead document seal probably post Medieval
    Gilded basket harness decoration
    1777 Russian bale seal
    Huge 1797 George III Cartwheel penny in great shape
    Very early one piece 33rd Regiment of foot officers button
    Medieval pin head
    1696 William III milled silver love token
    Lion livery button

    What a find - etched onto an amber coloured stone and set in silver

    . Two faces on the same intaglio

    This is extremely difficult to date as it looks like a 16thC silver mount with a Roman period intaglio. The skill required to make this must have be unbelievable. Reported to museum as possible treasure.

    found by Boston Bud

    Small clear stone set in silver without hallmarks - possibly post Medieval found by Texas Dave
    1575 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver six pence
    1247 Henry III voided longcross hammered silver 1/2 pence
    TVC Military button
    Greek god livery button
    1917 George V milled silver half crown (30 pence)
    1625 Charles 1st Rose hammered copper farthing
    17thC star design button
    Georgian decorated watch winder
    Hunting livery button
    Superb medallion probably William and Mary 1689
    Dubnovellaunus Late 1st BC to Early 1stC AD Full Celtic gold stater found by Texas Dave
    Cunoblein 40AD - 1/4 Gold stater found by Boston Bud
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