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  • 2004/2005 - Latest finds page 4
    1609 James 1st hammered silver six pence third bust
    1816 George III milled silver sixpence and 1559 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver penny
    1558 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver groat (4 pence )
    Morini ' boat tree' type c 70BC Celtic quarter stater
    Very interesting gold ring, Edinburgh mintmark .625% gold date letter Script capital F Date letter indicates 1723
    Hammered copper foreign coin - W - MAION- H ??
    Georgian period clock key
    Huge early 'Fish scale' decorated cow bell - still rings
    Huge knife - one for the museum to date as it came off a Roman fort site
    Early gilded Navy officers button
    Northumberland Regiment pre 1820
    Very interesting clothing fastener with a 'face' design'. Generally this style is 17thC but this looks possibly late Medieval
    Stag livery button
    1767 Zeelandia copper (Dutch)
    East Somerset Yeomanry cap badge
    Early milled silver, chewed by the plough, can't ID it
    1696 William III half pence
    Shooting button with Latin inscription
    17thC silver button
    1940 Half Crown ( 30 Pence) 1942 shilling (12 pence) 1921 sixpence
    Irish 1605 James 1st hammered silver groat (4 pence)
    1853 Victorian milled silver six pence
    Medieval buckle plate- traces of gilding remain
    Post Medieval button
    1350 Edward III hammered silver groat (4 pence)
    1797 George III Cartwheel penny
    George V 1936 milled silver half crown (30pence)
    George V 1940 milled silver sixpence

    4thC Roman bronze

    'Your coin is a "BEATA TRANQVILLITAS" altar type and appears to be from either London or Trier mint - the exergual mintmark is too vague in your picture to be sure - these date to the early Constantinian era, pre 324 A.D'

    1760 Zeelandia (Dutch)
    Early Navy officers button
    Early 7th Regiment of foot lapel badge
    Bulls head livery button
    Early French coin ?
    1580 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver one pence
    2ndC Roman bronze trumpet brooch
    1595 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver one pence
    Medieval acorn belt decoration
    Royal Artillery button post 1795
    92nd Regiment of Foot post 1790
    1540 to 1700 spur buckle
    1734 Hallmarked silver spoon handle
    1779 George III milled silver 1 pence
    Essex Regiment cap badge
    1848 Victorian milled silver sixpence
    Not ID'd
    Post Medieval belt decoration
    Royal Harwich yacht club
    Post Medieval button
    Unusual find - 2 and 3 ring bullets
    Post Medieval buckle
    1250 BC bronze age Palstave axe found by Boston Will
    1605 James 1st hammered silver sixpence
    1553 Mary hammered silver groat (4 pence)
    1567 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat (2 pence)
    Post 1790 Navy button
    15thC long cross lead token
    Post 1790 Navy officers button
    1750 Dutch copper ?
    18thC bayonet frog
    Heavily decorated black enamel work with silver inlay - not ID'd
    Early 17thC silver button - reported as treasure
    4thC Roman bronze made to fit into a ring bezel
    Roman bronze cart fitting with serpent face design
    Eyeball find - flint worked into a circular design - could be very early
    1572 Elizabeth 1st hammered silver half groat (2 pence)
    15thC long cross lead token
    2 Escudo Portuguse coin weight c 1760 AD
    Facinating find - Looks like a fob seal but it is a lot older and does not have a matrix on the end, one for the museum
    Lead gaming token - could be an early one
    Mount with a snake design, probably late Victorian
    Large button sized gilded mount
    Gilded strap end - no idea of date yet
    1625 Charles 1st hammered silver one pence
    Some one tried to turn this 1843 Victorian milled silver 3 pence into a hammered coin LOL
    Heart attack find - looks like a Celtic siver but is a button !!

    Large bronze decorated mount - ID'd as post Medieval

    Appears to be a lady standing

    Debased silver Roman - looks like a pre BC type - sent of the experts for an ID

    'This piece appears to be Greek - there were many Greek cities that used the dolphin as a coin-type, and I can't quite make out the "ethnic" - the inscription under the dolphin that would identify the origin. Best guess would be 3rd or 2nd century B.C'

    ID'd by Museum as a 30 BC Roman Republican silver coin

    Medieval mount
    Small decorated mount - late Victrian period
    1605 James 1st hammered silver half groat
    Early 1500's button
    1929 George V milled silver six pence
    1838 Victorian milled silver four pence (groat)
    18thC solid silver thimble with the inscription MW
    1704 Queen Anne love token
    17th/18th C lead palm guard for sewing
    Lead harness mount- probably 18thC
    Flower design button
    1721 George copper half penny in great shape
    Huge Roman bronze lion paw pot leg
    King John 1205 AD hammered silver penny
    Pie (pice) of the East India Company struck in Benares during the period 1815-1821. It has the fixed regnal year 37 of the Mughal emperor Shah Alam II'.
    1853 Victorian milled silver six pence
    1906 Edward copper penny with nice patina
    Musket ramrod guide
    1stC BC Roman silver coin forgery
    17thC button
    Great find, SGT Huggons York - name tag off a musket ?
    1216 Henry III hammered silver long cross cut half penny
    17thC 2 drachms Apothecaries Weight
    5th or 15th Regiment of foot one piece button
    Medieval mount
    1926 George V milled silver six pence
    Bird mount - Medieval
    1696 Fire office hand in hand button
    Prancing Lion livery button
    17th/18thC clog fastener
    Post Medieval cloth seal
    1667 Colchester hammered farthing
    1815 George III silver sixpence forgery
    Gilded flower button
    Not sure what this is ?
    Solid bronze stud - hand decorated Post Medieval
    Unusual Georgian period watch winder
    Georgian period buckle
    WWII Army cap badge
    1850 Victorian milled silver three pence
    Post Medieval button
    Crown button
    c1000 BC Bronze Age socketed axe fragment found by Mass Linda
    Late Iron Age/ early Roman bronze strap divider (terret)found by Texas Rechey
    Another Nazi badge probably from the Dornier bomber crash site
    Medieval hammered silver penny where the hammering process weakened the flan, it fractured and broke off
    The Iron Age unit has been identified as a coin of Cunobelin VA 2101,has been recorded with the Celtic Coin Index as 04.2645'
    Gun metal coin of James II 1690

    Shield of British Arms on Rose

    James 1st 1612 - 32 shilling coin weight - Rose Ryal

    XXXIII with crown

    obv shield

    Fire Office the Strand (London) button
    Portuguese gold 1000 reis Moidore of King John V 1717.They were acceptable as currency in Britain in the early 18th century found by Boston Beau
    Cloth seal with EA, similar to East India company
    50 BC Gallo Belgic Celtic Stater and Edward III 1361 third issue hammered gold 1/2 Noble
    1696 William III milled silver sixpence
    Charles 1st hammered silver shilling (12 pence)
    Probably later period round Apothecary weight not in books
    1921 George V milled silver sixpence
    1813 Russian bale seal
    1696 William III milled silver sixpence York Mint
    Clipped hammered silver Edward III groat (4 pence) c1327
    18thC Silver bowl leg with Lions claw foot
    18thC Silvered button
    George 1st Trade weight London hallmark
    1754 George II farthing
    Chinese coin - not dated yet
    1500's Tudor toggle button decorated with flowers
    Very unusual casket lock plate
    17thC Dutch bale seal with Lion and shield
    Prince of Wales button
    Post 1795 Navy button
    Large Standing weight- N.Biggs pg 31 Triangular prism 15thC
    19thC harness decoration
    19thC Bale seal
    Silver mount probably 18thC
    Post Medieval cast round weight N.Biggs
    Post Medieval bronze ring
    1835 Victorian milled silver six pence
    18thC Colchester half penny

    Pre 17thC Lead Apothecarie weight 'P'


    12 T - TM weight
    Livery Button - dog with dragon head
    17thC Sword hanger
    Medieval French Ecu coin weight
    19th Solid silver mount - horse on rider
    Silvered star button 19thC
    18thC fragment of a silver bracelet
    1945 George V milled silver 2 -shillings (24 pence)
    18th/19thC Large lead sewing egg
    17thC William III trade weight
    17thC enameled ladel handle
    Monogrammed button
    17thC lead button
    15thC D buckle
    Military button
    17thC trade token
    1756 Dutch low countries copper
    19thC Navy belt slide
    1641 Russian bale seal
    17thC Harness pendant
    1882 Bale seal
    Huge 1stC Roman bronze
    Roman bronze Chariot reins guide
    Roman Chariot decorative mount
    Gilded decorated fragment post medieval
    Decorated Georgian watch winder
    Post Medieval buckle
    Medieval bronze dice
    Birmingham hallmark solid silver Oval early 1800's, too large for a cuff link
    1856 Victorian milled silver sixpence